Review of Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium

A review of the Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium multivitamin product. Is it the best multivitamin for women? The answer may surprise you.

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UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company. Better supplement – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

What is the best multivitamin for women on the market today? There is certainly no shortage of multivitamin products for the fairer sex on the market. To that end, this web page will be a review of the well received Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s Premium product.

This multivitamin offering by the New Zealand-based company Xtend-Life is made with a women’s unique physiological needs in mind.

But how is this multivitamin of particular benefit to women? While this product is for females of teenage age or older, it may be especially helpful for women who are in their thirties and older.  For women who are not that far away from the mid-life range of the 40-50 age group, those women need both pre- and post-menopausal support.

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But for those young women 15 to 39, they have unique issues, too. So do older women who are 60 and older. Whether your older or younger, issues such as hot flashes, mood swings, nutritional deficit, hormonal fluctuations, aging, libido, energy and so on should be addressed by a multivitamin made especially for women.

Xtend-Life believes they’ve created just such a product.

While vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, the B-complex, and calcium are needed by both men and women, Xtend-Life added some specific herbs that are optimized for women. Xtend-Life ostensibly seeks to combine the best of allopathic medicine with the best of naturopathic and feverfew herbherbal medicine. Hence the inclusion of the following herbal extracts: dong quai, wild yam, feverfew and chasteberry. These four herbs have been accurately called, “nature’s pharmacy for the female.” They are optimal for feminine health.

All told, The Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s Premium multivitamin has a specific blend of over 99 ingredients. That means there are actually 22 more than the standard Total Balance Women’s version (thus the “Premium” designation).

Why Xtend-Life Thinks Their Product is The Best Multivitamin for Women

Yes, the product is designed specifically for women of all ages. However, as alluded in the previous section, Total Balance for Women’s Premium has a full complement of nutrients pharmaceutical quality pure ingredients. This multivitamin has adaptogens, anti-oxidants, amino acids, anti-glycation agents, calorie-restriction mimetics, carotenoids, enzymes, flavonoids, herbal plant extracts, methylation agents, neuro-nutrients, nutritional co-factors and trace nutritional elements.

Orange PillsXtend-Life says the product sells well with many customers calling it “the Mercedes Benz of female multivitamins. Xtend-Life says that it is facilitates anti-aging, improves overall eye health, restores extant nutritional deficiencies, gives or enhances daily energy, and bolsters sexual congress and female libido.

When compared to the men’s premium version of the Xtend-Life Total Balance product, the female version just has the aforementioned herbal extracts that are designed by nature or God to be highly effective for women.

Is it The Best Multivitamin for Women on The Market?

All of Xtend-Life’s nutritional supplement products are made with raw ingredients that are tested and certified potency by independent, third-party cGMP-compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratories like Alkemists Laboratories, Cawthorn Institute and AsureQuality in New Zealand.

In order to certify the quality of the raw nutrients purchased, Xtend-Life mandates that a Certificate of Analysis (COA) be on file confirming the potency and purity of each batch. Other supplement companies do this but not many.

cGMP Logo ComplianceThe ingredients are then made in Xtend-Life’s privately own cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility utilizing pharmaceutical blending and not the more traditional paddle/ribbon blender-type mixers that most vitamin companies utilize.

These two steps are rigorous enough to validate quality, but Xtend-Life says they go even further to certify and qualify the end product.

Xtend-Life Believes That The Best Multivitamin for Women Should be Made With The Highest Standards Possible

A multi-vitamin supplement is worthless unless it’s assimilated by the body, and to ensure this, all of the tablets in Total Balance Women’s Premium version are encapsulated with enteric coating.

Just what is “enteric coating”? This enteric coating preserves the nutrients in your stomach. With most vitamin supplements, at best you’ll get pharmaceutical glaze but this is nowhere near as effective the way enteric coating is. You see, the stomach is a harsh environment for many nutrients. Most vitamins can’t get past the digestive inferno that happens in the stomach and are quickly broken down and excreted out as sweat but most of the time through brightly colored yellow urine. Until the tablets pass into the human upper intestine or the duodenum. Once it’s there, it is then released into the bloodstream. there, it goes to work.enteric coating

What is the benefit? Assimilation. Most vitamin tablets become expensive urine. Not so, Xtend-Life says, with their Total Balance product.

Xtend-Life says that the clear benefit the enteric coating will give is a clinically verified 80% assimilation ratio at a minimum with the tablets ingested. That is one of the reasons why Xtend-Life feels that their product is superior to the competition.

If interested, you can learn more about the very specific processes that go into the making of their product by clicking here for more detail.

The enteric coating, combined with the GMP compliant procedures it’s made with seem to be a clear competitive advantage.

Consumer Reviews

The Total Balance Women’s Premium product has been well received in the worldwide marketplace.

Below are a few testimonials taken from their site:

I am writing to tell you how incredible Xtend-Life Total Balance Premium for Women is and how I am truly amazed at the results. Since taking the tablets from early July, I am so very pleased to report:

  • My skin is bright and clear
  • My moods have changed for the better
  • I have not had ONE episode of hot flushes, or night sweats
  • I have more energy
  • I am smiling – for the first time in a long time
  • Friends and family have noticed a remarkable difference
  • My husband is over the moon, as I am

You have no idea what a difference to my life this product has made. Thank you!
Diane K, Australia August 9th, 2011

To Buy Now or Get More Info, Go Here Now

Wow, It’s like I have some weird connection to the website. I did not even need to make an order today. I was actually coming here to post a testimonial (which I will). Just to summarize, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2005. I just had my last colonoscopy on Friday, Feb 5, and the doctors were dumbfounded. They couldn’t find a single ulcer or polyp in my colon! I was so excited.

I have tried a lot of things since 2005, but since starting on your Total Balance Premium and the fish oil all of the complications with my colon have disappeared (within three months)! And my skin looks fantastic…bonus! I will try the enhanced fish oil…just because. I have been and will continue to promote your product to all of my family and friends.
Tiffany, USA February 10th, 2010

I have a keen interest in Health and Fitness and Herbs & Supplements. I have been taking Centrum Multivitamins as well as my family. I recently felt though that the best vitamins for our Diet and Nutrition needs was or are still out there. Centrum just wasn’t cutting it. I was urinating it out in like less than an hour or two. Good vitamins for women don’t do that. I was determined to find the best multivitamins for women. Look, I have no Medical Specializations no training in Obstetrics and Gynecology or a degree from Tufts University (just one in a non-health field at Oregon State University) but I am keenly interested as to what vitamins to take and in Vitamins and Supplements in general. You can feel if something is working. In searching for a good supplement here in in the United States, I read Linus Pauling stuff, visited, read through Cardiology articles on heart disease (one of the reasons why I am interested in herbs like black cohosh and yes I want to avoid the big C Cancer, too), read Meir Stampfer, went to the NSF International to find their recommendations and finally looked at Herbs & Supplements too. I checked out Kirkland witamins for women I finally decided upon Xtend-Life’s product for women and I’m so glad I found it. I can feel the difference in everything from my energy levels to skin, you name it. My Menopause symptoms have improved, too. It has Vitamin E and vitamin D, you name it. I learned you don’t have to go to Inc. to find the best multivitamin. I learned you can research online to find GMP compliant companies and who produce products people actually use and love. I found that with this one so thanks for your articles on their products and on health in general at your site.
Zelda F.
Portland, OR, USA

How Much Does It Sell For?

It sells for $51.50 USD. You can buy it here, but you are free to choose. However, I don’t recommend buying this product.

Does It Include a Guarantee?365 day guarantee graphic

Yes, Xtend-Life offers a full one-year product guarantee. Not many supplement companies offer a six-month product guarantee period. Xtend-Life offers a full year. (It used to be six-months but they added another six months.) However…due to the company’s dishonest business practices, the fulfillment of this guarantee is dubious to say the least.

Are There Any Customer Complaints?

Yes, there are complaints. Some won’t buy their products anymore — including me.

A good review must include customer complaints or problems, too; no review of the Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s Premium product would be complete without one.

Xtend-Life has a loyal following but the one charge I hear from my research is that a lot of people think it’s too expensive.

Xtend-Life seems to be very sensitive to the charge that they are over priced.. (The CEO himself, Warren Matthews has personally emailed me twice in response to some questions I had, including why it is so expensive.)

Xtend-Life counters that you actually get great value for your money when you consider all the separate supplements you’d have to buy to equal the 99 active ingredients in the Total Balance Women’s Premium product.

If you did that, Xtend-Life says, you would not get maximum assimilation the way you would with their product.

They are right with that viewpoint. By comparison, a competitor, Douglas Laboratories’ fine Ultra Preventive X product sells from $52 to $75 depending on the outlet.

They also say that the value for your money is superior stating that “…if you select just 6 of the 99 ingredients in Total Balance Women’s Premium…which equates to just 6.06% by number and a mere 5.87% by weight…you will find that the cost of purchasing these 6 ingredients individually would amount to $43.87…which is almost the total price of a full bottle of Total Balance Women’s Premium ($47.75).”

They also emphasize that their product also has pharmaceutical-quality certified ingredients and that it is made in cGMP-compliant facilities, which are the highest standards possible.

Where Can I Get More Information About This Multivitamin?

You can get a lot of information on the product including detailed explanations on the ingredients, anti-aging agents, clinical studies, etc. at their website.

Where Can I Buy Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s Premium Multivitamin?

Total Balance Best Multivitamin for WomenI no longer recommend Xtend-Life or its products. I have personally experienced their dishonest business practices and that coupled with some questionable business practices, like using fillers like sand and synthetic ingredients like folic acid lead me to disavow their products. The company was sold by the Matthews family and since then, the company has engaged in dishonest practices like not paying affiliates they had promised to pay for a lifetime of earned commissions.

This one act saves them literally anywhere an estimated $50,000 to $100,000 (perhaps more) per month. They clearly feel the end justifies the means. Other good alternatives – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

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