Review of Cellucor C4 Extreme

Is Cellucor C4 Extreme the best pre-workout supplement on the market today? This review will hopefully help you make that decision.

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the Cellucor C4 Extreme preworkout supplement product. The Cellucor C4 product is one of the best selling bodybuilding or sports nutrition supplements in the world and there’s a reason for that.

By all appearances, it is well made, comes in multiple flavors, two size offerings, and works well. Let’s discuss those elements; let’s get into this offering by Cellucor and their C4 Extreme pre-workout supplement product.

Features & Benefits of Cellucor C4 Extreme

Supplement companies used to produce inferior products but now as it’s so hyper competitive, they know they can’t get away with what they used to. Many now seek external certification as to their manufacturing practices, such as USP or GMP compliance.

Cellucor is one of those companies that seems to take their manufacturing procedures seriously. All of Cellucor’s products are produced in what are called “cGMP” certification. (The term, “cGMP” means “current Good Manufacturing Practices” or sometimes shortened to GMP.)NSF GMP Compliance

Its in-house manufacturing operation has been registered under the NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program. So, this means in practical terms, from raw nutrient selection to manufacturing procedures, Cellucor makes their products with rigid quality-control regulations.

Let’s talk about Cellucor C4 now more in depth.

It comes with calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, niacin (vitamin B3) and folic acid (vitamin B9). B vitamins are “energy” vitamins and along with soluble calcium contribute mightly to energy, which of course is needed for workouts — one of the core purposes of this supplement.

However, outside of the vitamins (and mineral calcium) added, the key ingredients from a sports nutrition standpoint are beta alanine, creatine nitrate and arginine AKG. These three nutrients fuel muscle synthesis. They are indispensable to igniting muscle growth. The fact that Cellucor put them all together is a positive sign.

It should be noted that it also comes with caffeine, which is a stimulant. Some don’t react well to caffeine. It has been shown to cause varicose veins and to weaken the heart with long-term usage. It is also addictive when used to excess.

Are there any side effects with this product’s ingredients? Creatine has been known to cause involuntary flinching or firing of the muscle fibers in some (I can testify of that). It can also cause Beast Creature Creatinestomach nausea, which tends to happen with inferior grade creatine.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre Workout comes in two sizes, 30 servings or a month roughly and 60 servings.

What kind of flavors does it come in? Many. The flavors that are available are orange, pink lemonade, fruit punch, watermelon, pineapple, green apple, icy blue razz and strawberry margarita.

The most fundamental question in this review, or any review, is the answering of the question, “Does it actually work?” The answer is yes, it appears to work and work well. Again, it is one of the most popular and most sold bodybuilding supplements on the market today.

How Much is Cellucor C4 Extreme?

The prices of Cellucor C4 vary online and offline. The price ranges for the 30 servings option and 60 servings option are as follows:

Does Cellucor C4 Extreme Have a Guarantee?

Yes, it does, but Cellucor, like most supplement vendors, defers to the retail establishment’s policies whether offline or online. I recommend Amazon as they have a great guarantee, which guarantee2you can read here, and as they have won the ForSee award for nine straight years for best customer service.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, from just one vendor, there are, as of this writing, 1,077 reviews for the Cellucor C4 product. It scores a 4.2 out of 5.00. On a popular bodybuilding site, it has over 2,984 reviews with an average of 8.6 out of a possible 10.00. It is one of the most popular selling products

Good Price, Even Better Product
By JTurk on December 18, 2013
Flavor Name: Fruit Punch
Size Name: 30 Servings Amazon Verified Purchase

I have been using C4 for a little over 3 months. Here is what I think:
C4 Pros:
– Smooth formula. No twitching, come-down, or anxiety effects when taking it. (this is really important to me)
– Taste. I have only used the Fruit Punch and it tastes pretty good. No problems getting it down.
– Not a proprietary blend, so you know what you are taking.
– Lots of Flavors. I am very excited to try Pink Lemonade. C4 offers way more flavors than the Jack3D.
C4 Cons:
– Waste of packaging. They give you a huge tube, but fill it a quarter of the way.
– Scooper is buried at the bottom. I lose that little bit of product having to reach down and get it.To everyone who is thinking about getting C4 for the first time, please make sure you consider the following:– These products are heavy stimulants. They will likely increase your heart rate.– Drink plenty of water before, while, and after you take this product. For me, I drink 24 oz during the day, 10 ounces mixed with the C4, and at least 35-40 ounces after taking it (whether during the workout or post-workout).– Do not combine this with other stimulants or medications. Especially no ADD/ADHD meds.– In my experience, if I don’t get a good nights rest the evening before, I don’t take C4 ( or any pre-workout supplement) The 2 times I took the product without being well rested, I got terrible anxiety.– Make sure you take in a good meal after your workout. Hope this helps.

Avid User, Honest Opinion
By LDRofTMRW on August 6, 2013
Flavor Name: Icy Blue Razz
Size Name: 60 Servings

I have been using C4 Extreme Watermelon flavor for a few months now going to the gym 4-6 per week for mainly Strength Training purposes.I do my best to stay within the threshold of the serving size and never exceed the 1-2 scoops. I previously used Assault by MusclePharm. Now let’s get to the Review of the actual product.Taste: Don’t worry, Taste is solid and mixes well.
Formula: I am a big fan of the Creatine Nitrate compared to the Creatine Monohydrate that most other pre-workouts consist of. Little more pure form Creatine with less side effects. It is not overwhelming loaded with Energetic ingredients, but does have a high amount of Beta-A in it(This is the stuff that gives you an Tingling Sensation).Feel: I’d like to address the sensation that most users are aware of. The warm,itchy, tingling feeling only occurs if you do not get going quickly after you take your drink. C4 kicks in very quickly compared to others, in a matter of 5-15 mins. So if you sit around for 20-30 mins, of course your body is going to beg you to increase heart rate and get moving. I did not like it at first, but adjusted by drinking it on the way to the gym instead of at home before I left.Otherwise, C4 will give you a long-lasting almost adrenaline like pump that recovers quickly during your workout. This stuff will make you beast mode if you let it, without the aches or N.O. Explode feeling. For building strength, I approve. I cannot comment on Cardio because I do not take it when I go running.
Results: For athletes and someone looking to build muscle, I recommend it. I also recommend other pre-workouts so this is not the et al solution to your problems. Working hard at the gym is. This will help you do that.
Conclusion: C4 is a good balance of giving you the “I need to workout now or someone is getting hurt” without the headache/lightheaded feeling. C4 feeds off hard work, instead of punishing you for straining for one more rep.”

By Javier Gimenez on October 31, 2013
Flavor Name: Strawberry Margarita
Size Name: 60 Servings Amazon Verified Purchase

Better than other pre-workout. If you combine this with NO zero Extreme, you’re gonna feel more power and energy. When I drink both with 8oz of water I feel electricity in my body and in my head. Do it! taste it!

Just Really Good
By Nomie on December 28, 2013
Flavor Name: Watermelon
Size Name: 60 Servings Amazon Verified Purchase

Great stuff, mixes well and tastes great definitely buying more of this. I’ve tried several this by far is the best & it doesn’t “stay” with you.

Are there any customer complaints? No, not really. It’s very well accepted in the marketplace.

Where Can I Buy Cellucor C4 Extreme Product?

Cellucor C4 ExtremeYou can buy it here, but you are free to choose. As mentioned earlier in this review, I recommend buying from Amazon for their highly competitive pricing, product guarantee, and superior customer service.

I hope this review of the Cellucor C4 Extreme preworkout supplement product has been helpful to you.

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