Review of Douglas Laboratories Vegan Protein Powder

Does Douglas Laboratories have the best vegan protein powder on the market today? The answer may surprise you.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Many are looking for the best vegan protein powder on the market. There are certainly no shortage of choices. There are literally a couple of hundred on the market including Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTec, MusclePharm, EAS, Garspari Nutrition and more. In order to make the best educated choice, this article will hopefully help you make that decision. (You can read more bodybuilding supplement reviews here within this site.)

So, without further adieu, let’s discuss the product essentials, side effects and health benefits of this whey protein powder. I’ll also go over its price, product guarantee, customer reviews and customer complaints as well.

Product Features & Benefits of This Vegan Protein Powder

Douglas Laboratories is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA company. They are one of the most lauded supplement companies in the world. One of the reasons why is because their products are Chocolate Whey Protein Powderproduced in cGMP-compliant facilities and pass rigorous certifications to achieve that standard.

What does “cGMP” mean? It’s an acronym for “current Good Manufacturing Practices” and is the highest standard you can get with supplements. (You will often see it written as “GMP” as well but it means the same thing.) Such purity standards extend to raw ingredient selection and certification, manufacturing processes, cleanliness of facilities, etc. So,  in essence, this product meets pharmaceutical cGMP compliance – this is the highest standard possible. Indeed, that is highly desirable and consumers like you and me should know about it.

It is a real mark of distinction that not many sports nutrition supplement companies can meet or adhere to. Okay, so you may be asking, “what are some core product facts”? Here they are:

  • The product is in a white, nondescript tub containing 948 grams or 33.440 ounces
  • One scoop provides only 90 calories
  • You get a full complement of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids)
  • You get a full complement of vitamins and minerals as well
  • One scoop gives 18 grams of pure, laboratory-certified vegan protein powder
  • It’s gluten-free
  • It’s dairy-free

What about product negatives?

One of the negatives of this product is the ratio of price to amount of product. Usually, a 5-pound tub of whey protein powder sports nutrition supplement sells anywhere from $40 to $60. The price on Amazon for this products sells at $53.50 with freDouglas Labs Proteine shipping.

Oh, and there’s a “secret” about this protein powder — it’s not whey protein powder. Its ingredients are yellow pea protein, fructose, Dutch cocoa, BeFlora soluble fiber and almond flavoring. So, among other reasons for possible purchase, is that this is a vegan protein powder.

Side Effects & Health Benefits

One of the benefits of this protein powder is that it is not made from casein or whey milk isolate. That said, even if you are not lactose intolerant, this is overall a very good protein supplement.

Side effects? There are none. Most protein powder supplement products tend to give flatulence to their users. This product doesn’t seem to have that problem, perhaps due to the BeFlora soluble fiber in the product.

But it may depend on the person.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Vegan Protein Powder?

On, it sells for $53.50 USD (United States dollar). You can buy it here. It is also available in orange cream and vanilla bean.

Does It Include a Guarantee?

Yes. Amazon guarantees all their products. Douglas Laboratories only has a three-day guarantee so if you buy it, buy it from as they have a more liberal product guarantee, which you can read about here.

Consumer Reviews — Do People Think It’s The Best Vegan Protein Powder?

This is a relative newcomer to the protein supplement, sports nutrition supplement market as Douglas Laboratories has focused upon its vitamin line (you can read about their multivitamin Ultra Preventative X here). So, there is not a lot of awareness of their protein supplement offerings yet.

It is a quality product, though. That said, here are a few testimonials.

By T. Lawson on January 3, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase

cGMP Logo ComplianceI got this one after I tried the vanilla flavor and did not like it. This brand was recommended to me by my doctor as I am lactose and soy sensitive. It was recommended to be used as a protein booster and pre-natal during my pregnancy (#4). I always feel good after I drink it and I do not hesitate giving it to my growing 3 boys for a healthy, fun snack. I have not tried it yet with just water as I never like the taste of any shakes with just water. I always add 1/4 frozen banana, about 1/2 c almond milk and some ice/water to it- then blend like crazy. After not having dairy for so long, this is delicious and tastes like a chocolate milk shake. The vanilla brand always needed extra sweetener and ice to be palatable. I highly recommend this one and have already told 2 of my prego friends about it who need fast protein and can’t seem to hold much down.

Delicious AND Nutritious!!
By Jareeman on September 13, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase

Love this stuff, the taste and benefits. I use this to get daily protein and vitamin requirements. Mix it with Almond or Rice Milk to taste great/less filling.

Good Stuff
Amazon Verified Purchase

Been looking to help my Digestive System by following an Organic nutrition Health program. To that end, I’ve taken expensive Nutraceuticals, have followed The Maker’s Diet, read stuff by Jordan Rubin, etc. Health education is important. Vegetarian Living and Wellness is vital today as we need good Bio-available recipes and food. Good food photography showing vegan recipes by the foods industry is deceptive at times. Good vegan supplements for vegetarian minded folks who follow ” Vegetarian Living ” by eating Raw Meal plans and plant protein powder by Garden of Life and others is good. I don’t care about Specialty foods I care about good supplements, food and protein powder supplements. Dietary supplement products are important and I feel I’ve found a good one with this Wellness plant protein powder. I think it’s the best vegan protein supplements on the market. Natural products are the way to go. (This is one of the better wellness tips, I would think. Whole food nutrition or plant based nutrition with raw meals is the way to go, too.) Nutritional supplements and healthy Organic raw materials or Medical food or Whole food Raw Protein is good! Good plant-based protein powder is the wave of the future. So, Welcome to the revolution.

Conclusion — Is This The Best Vegan Protein Powder?

This just may be the best vegan protein powder on the market today. It tastes great and provides a full nutritional boost to any athlete or fitness enthusiast. It is one of the top protein powders on the market notwithstanding it’s a vegan powder. Its quality ingredients, full complement of usable, assimilable BCAAs, vitamins and minerals all certified by a cGMP-compliant facility is a formidable combination.

Douglas Laboratories Vegan Protein PowderWhere Can I Buy It?

You can buy this from here. This product is difficult to find as Douglas Laboratories usually constrains who sells their products in the reseller channel. In fact, they used to distribute it to doctors only for resale. So, you will not see it sold on many popular ecommerce, bodybuilding supplement websites.

Thus, I recommend Amazon. You can buy it by clicking on the graphic to the left. But, you are free to choose. I hope this article about this vegan protein powder product has been helpful to you.

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