Review of Kre Alkalyn EFX Creatine Monohydrate

An unbiased review of the Kre Alkalyn creatine. Is it the best creatine monohydrate supplement on the market today?

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the All American Pharmaceutical Kre Alkalyn EFX Creatine Monohydrate supplement product. Is it the best creatine supplement? Well one thing for sure is that it’s popular. Kre Alkalyn is essentially buffered creatine monohydrate and is It is certainly gaining a lot of disciples as well. The All American or AAEFX creatine sells very well and is one of the better bargains in the entire muscle building supplement space. Some think it is the best creatine supplement. Is it?

Let’s explore that question in this Kre Alkalyn review. Let’s now get into this offering by All American Pharmaceutical and their Kre-Alkalyn EFX creatine supplement.

Kre Alkalyn Product Features & Benefits

As supplement fraud is so rampant (you can read about it here), many supplement companies are voluntarily seeking NSF Certified for Sport registered GMP certification. What is that? It is the manufacturing  requirements that undergo product formulation consistent with the published GMP regulation for dietary supplements as defined in 21 CFR § 111, which was published by the FDA in June 2007. (Pharmaceutical cGMP NSF GMP Compliancecompliance – this is the highest standard possible. Very few companies have this. One in particular is this company here.)

More specifically, GMP, sometiimes written as “cGMP” meaning “current Good Manufacturing Practices” is a set of manufacturing standards that certify raw ingredient cleanliness and purity as well as rigid standards for the formulation of the actual supplement products themselves. It also certifies that there are no banned or illegal substances in the product’s formulation.

This is highly desirable and an indicator of high product quality and All American Pharmaceuticals has it. All of its in-house manufacturing operation has been registered under the NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program.

Let’s now talk about the specifics regarding the The core elements of this product. What are its ingredients? As mentioned, Kre Alkalyn is essentially buffered creatine monohydrate as opposed to creatine hydrochloride or hcl. AA says that this product has:

  • No stimulants or banned substances
  • No chemical aftertaste or additives
  • Requires no loading or cycling

One superb feature of Kre Alkalyn is that it only requires one capsule before a workout and one after. One bottle containing 240 capsules can last you about three months. That is a lot cheaper than many of the creatine pre workout supplements out there.

AA’s tagline is, “Backed by science. Proven in the gym.” This appears to be the case as AA has 32 patents pending throughout Europe, eastern Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. They also have  patent pending in the U.S.

white supplement powderThis patent number 6,399,661. The patent-pending process is what makes, AA says, Kre Alkalyn so potent. Essentially, it has to do with the stability of the creatine once it hits the stomach and with pH levels. Quoting from AA, “Scientists have already known for years that creatine may become unstable and begin to break down into creatinine (a useless byproduct) once it’s activated with a liquid or hits stomach acids. Kre-Alkalyn’s patent research suggests that the speed of this conversion process is directly related to a creatine’s pH level-the lower the pH, the more susceptible it is to conversion. Furthermore, this same conversion rate slows dramatically as the pH of the creatine is raised above 7…and stops completely above pH 12.”

What’s the net result? Better muscle synthesis, endurance, recovery and strength. AA makes the good point that the reason why other supplement companies who sell creatine powder don’t balance their pH levels with their creatine is because they can’t due to the aforementioned patent.

Side Effects & Health Benefits of AAEFX Kre Alkalyn

As you may know, there are different types of creatine. There is creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride. What is the difference? Creatine monohydrate is formed by dehydrating a solution of creatine, where a single water molecule remains bound to the creatine powder. Creatine hydrochloride is made my adding hydrochloric acid to a solution of creatine, forming a salt.

The American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP cautions that using supplements like creatine powerful though they may be, may undermine proper nutrition. They are correct.

Lastly, the fundamental question is this: does this product work? According to a study conducted, which you can read about here, it does. In that study, it was found that, “The creatine Kre Alkalyn EFXmonohydrate group showed an average increase over baseline of 8.39% for the snatch, clean and jerk, high snatch and back squat. The Kre-Alkalyn® group showed an average increase over baseline of 10.76%. By comparison, the average increase in total lifts for the Kre-Alkalyn® group in the snatch, clean and jerk, high snatch and back squat was 28.25% over the creatine monohydrate group.”

The science seems to back up that this product really does what it proclaims to do.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Kre Alkalyn?

The best prices online for Kre-Alkalyn is at Amazon. The price range for Kre-Alkalyn is from to $24.84 to $63.98 for one bottle of Kre Alkalyn containing 240 capsules.

The Kre-Alkalyn EFX 120 capsule option sells for$12.74 to $34.19.

Kre Alkalyn also comes in the powder form option, but the most popular option is the capsule option. It sells for a price range from $28.97 for $34.31.

Does Kre-Alkalyn Have a Product Guarantee?

Like most vendors, All American will honor a guarantee if there is a serious problem with a product but will defer to the guarantee of the retailer, whether online or offline. That’s one of the reasons why I recommend Amazon as they have won the best customer service award for nine years straight and they have a fantastic guarantee. You can read about it here, if interested.

Kre-Alkalyn Consumer Reviews & Testimonials

This Kre Alkalyn, model number 670661, supplement has garnered some impressive testimonials and reviews from its users. It is also one of the most searched creatine powder products on the market as well. Below is a sampling of some of the reviews it has garnered. On Amazon, it has a 4.6 out of 5.00 (4.5 or better is ideal) with only 137 customer reviews. On another popular bodybuilding site, it’s achieved an 8.5 out of a possible 10.00 with 259 testimonials. As you can see, it is a popular and well received product. Here are a few of those testimonials:

Convenient and Effective
By Malkmus on July 9, 2013

Top-quality creatine in a simple, low-dosage capsule form. For those saying to consume with juice, it won’t matter, since all liquids are going to be absorbed into your system well before the capsules disintegrate. Workout days, I like to stack this with PULSS Premium Nitric Oxide Load and light the fire with BELDT Force Thermogenic = lift, look, and feel like a king.Another great thing I noticed is that I don’t get puffy with this creatine because they use the higher quality buffered creatine monohydrate. And if you’re using a quality thermo, the diuretic properties will actually help you flush some excess fluids anyway, helping with the “shred”.

Give It a Try
By K on January 26, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase

I have been a gym rat for the past seven years or so. Creatine in general has been the stand-out dietary supplement for me. I am not one of those guys lifting to get “huge” or bench press 600 pounds nor am I doing this for sports. I lift because I like it; I feel great after a workout. That being said, Creatine is the only supplement I drop $ on now. I dont even buy protein supplements (NOMG!). Still I have continously gotten gains. Creatine feels like it has helped a lot. I tried Creatine Powderpowders, pills, creatine matrixes, creatine monohydrate, creatine ester, and finally Kre-Alkalyn. Of all the creatine I ever used, this is a top performer. I have experienced all of the usual benefits with creatine supplementation and with only two pills a day. The only negative I have to say is the first few days this supplement seemed to make my stomach feel like it was cramping. Of course it’s impossible to say with certainty that it was this product. But, the first four days I cramped about 30-45 mins after use. Since then, no complaints. EveryBODY is different. This is my favorite creatine product to date. I recommend any creatine user to give it a try at least once.

Looking Good and Getting STRONGER!
By sexalot on December 7, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

i got results after one week. my lifts become lighter and I’m looking much fuller. even my wife noticed it she keeps asking if I’m hiding and taking steroids.could just be my program or the fact that I’ve been lifting for about 13 years now and finally peaking. naturally I may add jus heavy lifting.

It Works Nice!
By RP on December 3, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

These things are nice. I take 2-3 before and after working out. I’m 6′ 2″ / 200lbs. I drink A LOT of water when I’m doing a creatine cycle and I would recommend you do the same. DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Good stuff though. You will notice the difference after 3-5 days. You can bench more lbs and do more reps. Great product!

Can’t Tell a Difference, But Making Progress
By cha_maco on October 30, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

I’ve been using this type of creatine because of how highly ranked it is on Amazon and while staying within my tight budget–oh, the life of a student…I was using another brand before ( Mega-Pro CEE, $19 for 240 capsules), and honestly, I cannot tell a difference, but most importantly, I’m still getting stronger and bigger.I would go back to the cheaper Mega-Pro CEE, but it requires a loading and maintenance phase, which All American EFX doesn’t. So in the end, you’ll probably get the same mileage out of your dollars.

No Kre Alkalyn review would be complete without discussing the negatives. Are there any customer complaints? Not really, just one really, which I’ll get to momentarily. The product seems to be well received in the highly competitive marketplace of muscle building supplements. Of course, such opinions are highly subjective and as such there will be differences of opinion and perceptions.

One common complaint to virtually all creatine powder supplement products is that it can tend to bother the stomach. It causes some temporary stomach upset but it passes. In my research, that is one common element I’ve come across.

Where Can I Buy Kre-Alkalyn?

supplementYou can buy it here, but you are free to choose. Kre Alkalyn is a potent creatine supplement. It is literally one of the best creatine supplements on the market today. Its users laud its easy of use, affordability, and results. There are many good creatine powder products on the market today, and the All American Pharmaceuticals Kre Alkalyn is one of them, in this reviewer’s opinion.

I hope this Kre Alkalyn review EFX Creatine Monohydrate product has been useful to you.

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