Review of Nordic Naturals ProOmega Fish Oil

There are many fish oil or Omega-3 supplements on the market but which one is the best? This review of the Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oil supplement product will hopefully answer that as it will cover product quality, purity of ingredients, product guarantee, where to find the best pricing and more.

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oil supplement product. This particular version offered by the well respected Nordic Naturals offers double the strength of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) — that is its unique sales proposition or “USP.” All Omega-3 supplements have EPA and DHA in various amounts but Nordic Naturals has designed this product to be the “Pro”or professional version yet still affordable.

Nordic Naturals ProOmega Features & Benefits

I always start my reviews talking about product quality and manufacturing processes. It took a while, over 10 years in fact, before the U.S. Food & Drug Administration mandated that supplement companies have what’s called current Good Mаnufасturіng Practices (сGMPѕ or GMP) fоr thе dіеtаrу supplement industry. It became law in 2009 with many companies complying. The gmp1linchpin, though, is that while GMP-compliance is mandated, it is not enforced by the FDA. They leave it to the industry to police themselves, which many follow in good faith. There are basically three main organizations that audit using GMP FDA criteria. They are:

  • NNFA (Nаtіоnаl Nutritional Food Aѕѕосіаtіоn)
  • USP (United States Pharmacopeia)
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)

Nordic Naturals has GMP compliance through NSF. In fact, Nordic Naturals truly has exceptional purify with their protocols and standards. Their method of purifying the raw fish oil too is out of the ordinary. While their fish oil is molecularly distilled, they use man steps when processing the oils using also clay filters and no chemicals or excessive heat thus preserving the sensitive nutrients in the fish oil. The purification process first ensures that toxins like PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl), heavy metals and dioxins as well as non-desirable organic compounds.

This process leaves only the therapeutic benefits of the fish oil that has been clinically proven to be highly beneficial to humans. Nordic Naturals also utilizes their own oxygen-free, nitrogen environment to reach impressive freshness levels. Also, they use natural enzymes to form fishoil-gels-cantriglycerides for all their high-concentrated fish oil supplements. The company says this nitrogen method of extraction helps to “enhance absorption and utilization” or bio-availability in the human organism.

If you are here at this page, you probably have probably already heard about the many health benefits of Omega-3s as clinically certified by various research. Still, it’s important to know how it is possible.

Nordic Naturals says this Omega-3 in their line of products is 47% more effective than ethyl ester fish oil (the vast majority of fish oil supplements are ethyl ester fish oil), and 227% more effective than salmon oil.

Let’s now take a look at its ingredients and core nutritional profile information. (This information is for the recommended daily amount, which is two softgels.)

  • Calories — 18
  • Total fat — 2 grams
  • Total Omega-3s — 1,280
    • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) — 650mg (milligrams)
    • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) — 450mg
    • Other Omegas — 180mg

Its ingredients are “purified deep sea fish oil (from anchovies and sardines), soft gel capsule (gelatin, water, glycerin, natural lemon flavor), natural lemon flavor, d-alpha tocopherol, rosemary extract (a natural preservative). It is made without gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colors and it has no GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

There are a few notable things about this formula. It has rosemary extract, which is a medicinal herb that has many uses and benefits. Also, the d-alpha tocopherol (probably from olive oil) has vitamin E but is not listed in the nutritional profile. Also, fish oil from anchovies and sardines is not the first choice for many but due to the oil being highly refined and preserved, that mitigates fish oil pillsthe selection of anchovies and sardines to take the fish oil from.

Nordic Naturals offers this product with lemon flavored, which is certainly unique among fish oil products.

It’s easy to see why Nordic Naturals calls this the “Pro” version as the EPA and DHA amounts are really high. Plus, Nordic Naturals asserts that the assimilation rate of their non-ethyl ester purified fish oil has an assimilation rate of 70%, which is 133% higher than almost all of its competitors.

The health benefits of EPA, DHA and Omegas in general include helping heart health, immune function, glucose levels, cognitive function and many more as validated by research. To have such a robust infusion of EPA and DHA is worthy of mention. (Nordic Naturals say it’s ProOmega option has double the EPA and DHA with fewer softgels needed.)

What about its size options? They are as follows:

  • 60 softgels
  • 120 softgels
  • 360 softgels

Side Effects

Omega-3 supplements provide fatty acids that are classified as essential to the body and are actually needed by the body. Thus, there are no negative side effects associated with them. They are safe for human consumption. The only usability factor that is important to mention is that for some, they get the notorious “fish burp” when supplementing with fish oil supplements until their digestive system has adapted to them, which happens usually pretty quickly.


This product is competitively priced. Its price range is as follows:


Nordic Naturals fully supports all their products. They, like most companies, defer to the retailer from whom you buy it from. Because of that, I recommend buying from Amazon. Why? Because of their guarantee, which is outstanding; because of their #1 rated customer service, which has won the coveted ForeSee Experience Index for the best customer service nine years in a row; because their prices tend to be the best for the customer as so many vendors are competing for your business.

Nordic Naturals ProOmega Customer Reviews

the Nordic Naturals fish oil supplement line is very popular. In fact, the company says their products are the biggest Omega-3 seller in America. That might be true. Its product line has received numerous reviews and testimonials regarding its various products, the ProOmega product included. More important than company advertising is customer reviews as customers write completely truthfully without equivocation. Companies always tend to accentuate the positive. That said, here are a few reviews from real-world customers.

 Great Hеlр for Drу Eyes
Bу Catwoman оn June 9, 2012
Vеrіfіеd Purchase
Mу eye dосtоr rесоmmеndеd I take this рrоduсt tо hеlр mу vеrу dry eyes. Shе gаvе mе ѕаmрlеѕ, аnd I found it hеlреd a lot, аnd the lemon іngrеdіеnt gаvе mе a frеѕh аftеr-еffесt оn mу brеаth thаt I liked. (I make ѕurе tо take these supplements lаѕt, after I tаkе mу оthеr vitamins fоr thе dау.) Whеn I ѕhорреd for аn оngоіng ѕuррlу оf this, though, іt was too еxреnѕіvе іn thе vіtаmіn ѕtоrеѕ. Finding іt hеrе online made іt affordable tо continue tаkіng. Thе delivery wаѕ super quick, аnd thе рrоduсt іѕ сurrеnt — nоt оn the verge оf expiration. I recommend thеѕе ѕuррlеmеntѕ аt thіѕ рrісе from thіѕ seller.

PrоOmеgа-Nоrdіс Nаturаlѕ
Bу June A on Mау 3, 2010
Vеrіfіеd Purchase
Mу орtоmеtrіѕt who’s bееn treating mу drу еуе problems has rесоmmеndеd thіѕ PrоOmеgа (Omеgа-3 fіѕh oil-Nordic Nаturаlѕ. He іnѕіѕtеd оn the product bу Nоrdіс Nаturаlѕ because it іѕ соntаmіnаtіоn frее. I’m uѕіng less еуе lubricant drорѕ nоwаdауѕ.

Love Thеm!!!
Bу Cаrо Smart оn Oсtоbеr 20, 2012
Vеrіfіеd Purсhаѕе
These are the first оmеgа ріllѕ that dоn’t tаѕtе lіkе fіѕh. Thеу аlѕо don’t have after tаѕtе. The only kind of nеgаtіvе thіng tо ѕау about them іѕ that thеу аrе BIG!! It tооk me awhile tо gеt uѕеd tо them.  I rеаllу rесоmmеnd!!!!

Impressive Product
By JValverde3820
This Nordic Pure PRO180 fish oil is outstanding. The 1000mg – 180 Softgels is my choice. It does the job.

ProOmega Fіѕh Oіlѕ
By Joseph Farinaccio оn Fеbruаrу 24, 2012
Vеrіfіеd Purchase
This рrоduсt wаѕ recommended bу my chiropractor аѕ another аnt-іnflаmmаtоrу trеаtmеnt. Itѕ thе оnlу рhаrmасеutісаl grаdе оmеgа-3 product I’vе seen. Juѕt wіѕh thе pills wеrе smaller. I’vе bееn uѕіng іt for аlmоѕt 18 mоnthѕ now. 


  • All Nordic Naturals products are made in a GMP-compliant facility with exacting standards
  • This product is 382% more effective than krill oil, 47% more effective than ethyl ester fish oil and 227% more effective than salmon oil
  • It’s a very affordable supplement product
  • Contains 70% pure Omega-3
  • Has high concentration of both EPA & DHA — double most formulas
  • Has 650mg of EPA and 450 of DHA, which they say is double most Omega-3 formula supplements


  • The Nordic Naturals line is not that well known yet among the heath & fitness folk
  • Nordic Naturals has a number of Omega-3 products and that can be confusing to some

Where Can I Buy Nordic Naturals ProOmega?

Nordic Naturals ProOmega Fish OilYou can buy it here, but you are free to choose. So, what’s the verdict? This is an outstanding product made by a company that has exacting quality-control standards. It is high in the necessary Omega-3 essential fatty acids that are so important to health. This product is very well received in the marketplace and has many happy reviews written about it espousing its virtues. Undoubtedly, Nordic Naturals may be the preeminent Omega-3 supplement company in the world. Whatever you do, you should consider this product. I hope this review of the Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oil supplement has been helpful for you.

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