Review of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

Review of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex protein powder. Is it the best whey protein powder? The answer may surprise you.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex protein powder supplement. Optimum Nutrition is among the most respected supplement maker on the market today. The company also makes pre-, post-, and inter-workout muscle building supplements. Plus, they also make a line of vitamin and mineral supplements as well.

Optimum Nutrition was founded in 1986 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kilkenny, Ireland-based Glanbia Corporation. Since its inception, Optimum Nutrition has produced high-quality products and have earned multiple awards.

Just in the past year, they have won the following awards:

  • Best Brand of The Year
  • Supplement of The Year
  • Best Overall Protein Powder
  • Women’s Product of The Year
  • Casein of The Year
  • Weight Gainer of The Year

One of the reasons why their product line is so well received is due to the high quality products it produces. A key to their supplement manufacturing is that all their products are produced in pharmaceutical-grade quality facilities. Pharmaceutical cGMP compliance – this is the highest standaNSF GMP Compliancerd possible. (The term “cGMP” is an acronym of “current Good Manufacturing Practices”.)

Optimum Nutrition has what is called NSF Certified for Sport registered GMP certification. Again, that is highly desirable and an indicator of high product quality. These requirements are consistent with the published GMP regulation for dietary supplements as defined in 21 CFR § 111, which was published by the FDA in June 2007.

Why is this important to mention? Because supplement fraud and substandard products are commonplace. Due to consumer backlash, there have been tremendous improvements made in the last 10 years but it is still a problem. Quality facilities and rigid manufacturing and product testing is now the new norm and Optimum Nutrition seems to understand that.

Let’s now get into this offering by Optimum Nutrition and their Pro Complex protein supplement.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Features & Benefits

Optimum Nutrition offers multiple protein powders for athletes and weight trainers. Their offerings include the Gold Standard Whey, Serious Mass, Platinum Hydrobuilder, Platinum Hydrowhey, Casein, and of course, the Pro Complex option.

All have great taste and that is one of the consistent compliments their whey protein powder supplement line receives.

They also offer multiple flavors for the Pro Complex option including, rich milk chocolate, strawberry, strawberry swirl, banana cream (for the 4.6 option) and vanilla cream.

What about size or purchase options? The Pro Complex option comes in the 2.3 pound and the 4.6 pound options.2.3 lbOptimum Nutrition Pro Complex

Let’s talk about the nutritional profile of the Pro Complex product.

This protein powder is not for the casual user. It is designed for the serious, competing bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

Each serving gives the following:

  • 60 grams (most protein powders offer 20 to 30 grams per scoop)
  • 14 grams of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids)
  • 10 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid
  • 15 vitamins and minerals
  • 260 calories per serving with only 5 of those calories coming from fat
  • Comes with digestive enzymes that help in breakdown for assimilation as it hits the bloodstream

The Pro Complex is made from eight protein sources so as to be used derived from egg, milk, wheat and soy (lecithin).

This is a “professional level protein” as Optimum Nutrition says in their marketing material and is a popular product among weight trainers.

How Much Does Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Cost?

I’ve searched the Internet and the cheapest prices for the Pro Complex product is on Amazon allows multiple vendors to compete head-to-head and this allows for competitive pricing.

$60.39 to $81.45 with both prices there offering free shipping on the 4.6 pound option. The 2.3 Whey Protein Powderpound option varies from $42.78 to $59.21. Why the disparity? On Amazon, vendors compete for your business and that benefits you as you can, with just a little bit of looking there, find the best deal for you.

You also get Amazon’s guarantee, which is outstanding and protects your purchase. You can read it here, if interested.

Pro Complex Consumer Reviews

It’s easy for a company to tout their products with their marketing material, but where the rubber meets the road

Excellent Post Work-Out Protein
By Disco Fever on August 2, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase

I’ve tried a couple of others before this – BSN Syntha 6 and BeachBody Men’s Strength and Muscle Formula – and I won’t be looking for another. I’ve been using it about a month now and my gains are noticeable. I’m sure there are lots of other products that will give good gains but do they also taste excellent and mix easily? The chocolate tastes like YooHoo and goes down very easy. It doesn’t bloat at all. It also mixes like a dream. I use a funnel and pour two scoops into my water bottle ( not a shaker bottle just a plain old 16 oz water bottle ) and with a couple of shakes it is complete mixed. Since using Pro Complex, I’ve also tried Nitro-Core, Vassive-NO, and ON’s Casein and I only have good things to say about the company and their products. I’ve recommended Pro Complex to a couple of friends and they speak highly of it as well.
Weight Loss Product
By Jamie White on May 19, 2011
Only 28 years old, newly married, and 360lbs, I needed so serious intervention for my health. After seeing many doctors and considering weight loss surgery, I turned to this clean source of Protein Whey. I learned from reading health websites, books, articles, reviews, etc. that protein weigh is natural and can assist in weight loss.After purchasing this product on many occasions and using it as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch (2 scoops each time) the weight began falling off me. Many fitness gurus told me that it was too much protein, which I knew and I made sure that I drunk at least 6 – 17oz bottles of water a day. Currently, I an 29 years old (one year later) and I weight exactly 271 pounds! With moderate exercise (walk 30 minutes a day,watching what I eat, Protein Shakestaking vitamins such as B-12, Cod Liver Oil, CLAs, and carb blockers (when those cravings hit me on the weekend), I was able to lose the weight over a period of time in a healthy way. Not too fast and not too slow.This product is great and is not only for those buff men and women who lift weights, but also for those who would like to lose a few extra pounds, or like me a whole lot of pounds! Simply use this as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, have a”begger’s meal” before 6:00 and plenty of vegetables and 3 fruits throughout the day. Oh, and don’t forget plenty of water. this product will literally have you shedding water and fat throughout the day…..naturally.

It’s the Aminogen
By Jeff Durbin on January 25, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase

OK, the title of the review is a bit misleading because it is not JUST the Aminogen but one of the ways Optimum Nutrition separates their protein products from other brands is their use of Aminogen. It’s a rather pricey additive that increases the body’s ability to absorb the protein as it passes through the digestive system. What’s the point of buying protein powder and then having some portion of it pass through your system unabsorbed? The fact that ON pays the extra cost to include Aminogen in their product tells me a lot about their attitude towards their materials.I will add one additional comment though. I never use two scoops of the protein because most people’s digestive systems cannot absorb that much even with the Aminogen. I have used ON’s Hydrowhey, which is micronized (“pre-digested”) so it gets absorbed into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. That’s a good product if you need a quick shot of protein before working out. The ideal use is if you workout early in the morning then it’s the best way to get primed after you get up before you head to the gym.I also use ON’s casein powder. Casein is also from milk but it is larger molecules so it gets absorbed MUCH slower than whey. It’s kind of the opposite of micronized whey protein.I have had good results with all of the Optimum Nutrition products.I try to buy ON Pro Complex APS for $11 per pound or less including tax and shipping. That’s a good price. This does NOT apply to the “Gainer” version though which is packed with carbohydrates for those 98 pound weaklings trying to add weight.

Are there any customer complaints about the product? Most protein powders now are very well made with pre-digested elements and digestive enzymes in them. The problem is that almost all protein powders come with unflattering flatulence as part of the deal. Until one’s body becomes acclimated

Also, bear in mind that this product is made from milk, egg, soy, and wheat byproducts. If you are looking for a vegan protein powder, this isn’t for you.

Where Can I Buy Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex?

2.3 lb Optimum NutritionAs mentioned earlier in this review, I recommend buying it here from Amazon, but you are free to choose. Why Amazon?

Because you have a large selection of vendors who compete for your business there as they know the Amazon marketplace has a lot of buyers coming in daily.

I hope this Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex review has been helpful to you.

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