Review of USP Labs Jack 3D Creatine Supplements

What are the best creatine supplements? Is USP Labs Jack 3D the best creatine powder?

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the USP Labs Jack 3D pre-workout or creatine supplements product. This Dallas, Texas-based supplement manufacturer is well known in the sports nutrition supplement space or sector.

They produce pre-workout, inter-workout, post-workout, and a smattering of other products. These products are well accepted in the marketplace and they have a good following of loyal customers.

Without further adieu, let’s now get into this offering by USP Labs and their Jack 3D creatine, pre-workout supplement product.

USP Labs Jack 3D Creatine Supplements Product Features

USP Labs is a major player in the sports nutrition supplement market. Their USP Labs Jack 3D product, like all their products is produced in their GMP-certified facilities. USP Labs say they have NSF Certified for Sport registered GMP certification. Again, that is highly desirable and an indicator of high product quality.

Its in-house manufacturing operation has been registered under the NSF International, The Public Health NSF GMP Complianceand Safety Company, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program.

Why is this important? Because it guarantees product quality and certification of ingredient purity.

Let’s talk now about the nutritional profile of this pre-workout supplement. Each container comes with 45 servings and weighs 8.1 ounces. Each serving comes with 5.1g of creatine, arginine, beta alanine, yohimbe bark, and a smattering of natural and artificial flavors, and a few chemical fillers.

In particular, pay attention to the creatine, arginine and beta alanine. They are critical to this product and its effectiveness.

This product also has 100 mg per serving of caffeine and 50 mg of vitamin C. The large amount of caffeine is also notable and added to provide a stimulant effect for the workout.

This product also comes in three flavors, blue raspberry, watermelon, and fruit punch.

The most important question regarding this creatine supplement is does it work. The answer is yes. Creatine, in general, is one of the most powerful bodybuilding supplements on the market. I, like many others, have experienced it first hand. Even a study by the Mayo Clinic proves it. You can read a synopsis of it here, if interested.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for USP Creatine Supplements?

The price varies depending upon the ecommerce or retail outlet you go to, but based on my creatine powderresearch, the prices will be as follows: $21.47 to $47.06. I recommend buying it from as they have the cheapest prices as they have multiple vendors competing against one another, but you are free to choose.

Is There a Product Guarantee?

Is there a product guarantee with the USP Labs Jack 3D product? USP Labs does guarantee their products in terms of product quality but not results but that is normal. Like most supplement manufacturers, they defer to the online or brick-and-mortar retail store’s guarantee. Again, another reason why I recommend Amazon is due to their excellent customer satisfaction record. You can read about their guarantee here.

Consumer Reviews About USP Labs Jack 3D Creatine Supplements

As mentioned, this is a well received product among bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. Here are a few testimonials from real customers as to the product’s nuances.

Excellent Advanced Formula is Great Pre-Workout Drink
By David Miller on October 8, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

I love this flavor and the formula is great as a pre-workout. I feel energized and a slight tingle sensation on my skin. I can focus better in the gym and do much longer workouts. Normally I shoot for an hour in the gym, but today with this stuff, I easily went 2 hours without any problem. I have tried other pre-workouts like Assault, NO-Explode, and MHP Dark Rage. This one and the micro formula are the best. You will feel more kick from this one, but the micro formula also is very good and to be preferred by those who do not like the tingle sensation this one creates on your skin. I am age 53, 6′ 2″ tall, and I weigh in at 225 lbs. I workout 6 days a week.
Not an Expert, But This Sh*z Good
By Joshua Wilson on December 9, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

I usually hit the gym about 4 to 5 times a week for about an hour, and this stuff is the best I’ve found by far. I’ve cycled through about 5 other pre-workouts before I found this one at a local shop in Omaha about 3 months ago. Its got a nice pump to it, and tastes solid. If your looking for a new pre-workout, its topped the list compared to the last five I went through.
Not Buying Again

By Joshua on December 3, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase
No matter what time i took the product i could not fall asleep at night. i did not feel wired but i was just up.

Works Great
By Andres on December 8, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase

Works great, I feel it right away, last for about an hour , the only thing if the jitters, but other than that great product

Are there any customer complaints? As this product is designed to be a pre-workout supplement, it can leave customers feeling “jacked up” if they take it late at night, meaning it will derail fatigue. Creatine supplements were meant to be taken in the morning and/or before a workout, not before bed. So, don’t take it in the evening. (A good casein protein is, however, designed to do that.)

Where Can I Buy USP Labs Jack 3D?

USP Labs Jack 3D Creatine SupplementsYou can buy it here, but you are free to choose. The options are, fruit punch, watermelon, and blue raspberry. Creatine supplements work. In fact, they are one bodybuilding supplement that has been proven again and again to be useful.

I hope this USP Labs Jack 3D creatine supplements review has been helpful.

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