Review of Xtend-Life Cardio-Support

Review of the heart supplement known as Xtend-Life Cardio-Support. A pharmaceutical-grade quality heart health supplement product or not? The answer may surprise you.

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UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company.

Welcome to this Xtend-Life Cardio-Support product review, one of the more popular heart health supplements on the market today. This product Cardio-Support used to be called “Cardio-Klenz” but the company changed its name effective, Feb. 2014. Nothing has changed with the product except for its name.

It is a pharmaceutical quality cholesterol supplements that helps to lower heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and clogged arteries, etc.

As you may know, heart disease is utterly common in the US. In fact, it’s the number-one killer both in the US and in the United Kingdom. While I don’t have figures for other countries in the cayenne-pepper-powder2world, I would not be surprised in the slightest if other developed countries like France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Russia, and Canada also had a significant problem with its populations with heart disease and related issues.

So, clearly, it’s a significant health problem that requires an unending — and even a daily — multi-pronged approach to mitigate its risk factors.

Health Benefits of Cardio-Support

The benefits that the Xtend Life Cardio-Support product will do are all related to the causal factors of heart disease including lowering blood pressure by removing toxins in the blood,    it’s one of the best cholesterol lowering supplements on the market today:

This short review will seek to cover the following elements:

  • The product’s manufacturing
  • Its ingredients
  • Their one-year guarantee
  • Its benefits
  • Negative points
  • And more

What Does The Manufacturer Say About Cardio-Support?

The unique sales proposition of this product is that the manufacturer says the Cardio-Support product is scientifically-designed from the ground up and is an all-natural, non-prescription drug heart supplement that is designed to limit decrease the contingencies that contribute to heart disease as well as strokes.

The company says that Cardio-Support is able to “fracture” the plaque in the arteries and then to dispose of it. (This one product feature by itself could dramatically reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.) This is one of its core benefits to be sure.

Xtend-Life also asserts that Cardio-Support will decrease the build-up of platelets in the blood while limiting calcium growth while concurrently increasing antioxidant protection, which helps to limit cell degradation and aging.

Continuing, Cardio-Support will help to equalize the blood fat levels (blood fat is called triglycerides) and bad LDL cholesterol — other key components of fundamental heart health.

The benefit to its users is that the blood pressure will be more stabilized and equalized, and one’s circulatory system along with the heart are reinforced and function better, doing an equal amount of work as before but on less effort.

Wellness is vital for the heart muscle and strength, too.  What’s the final result, according to Xtend-Life?

The final result is dramatically limited risk of both strokes, heart disease and possible heart surgery. So, why is this product so effective?

Cardio-Support — Is It One of The Most Pure Heart Health Supplements?

One reason is the quality by which it’s made  Xtend-Life uses only pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients. These raw nutrients or material clinically tested and verified for purity and potency by third-party cGMP-compliant laboratories like Alkemists Laboratories in southern California, USA. Not many supplement companies do this. And that’s just one step in their product-creation proces.

It should be noted that while many companies seek NSF for Sport GMP Certification, and this is laudable. Xtend-Life, though, has opted for pharmaceutical cGMP compliance. (The term “cGMP” means “current Good Manufacturing Practices.”) This is highly indicative of phenomenal quality.

All of Xtextend-life pharmaceutical blendernd-Life’s supplement products are made in their wholly owned cGMP-compliant facilities at their Christchurch, New Zealand. In New Zealand, their government’s Ministry of Health mandate rigorous standards for their supplement products as well.

They chose to do this so as to preserve and protect the entire manufacturing process from raw material certification to final product encapsulation. They don’t outsource any part of the manufacturing process for they control it in house.

Attention to detail, creation control, superiority of raw materials and of course manufacturing processes is something that Xtend-Life seems to highly prize. One manufacturing innovation is that the company uses what are called pharmaceutical blending when mixing the raw nutrients for their various supplement products. Most dietary supplement companies use what are called paddle/ribbon, blender-type mixers instead.

Why is this important? Because it ensures proper dispersal of nutrients so that one tablet won’t have more nutrients and another less due to poor mixing.

Xtend-Life also contends that their Cardio-Support product is made in compliance with not only U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but with British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical drug standards for their herbal extraction processes. This is uncommon quality from a nutritional supplement company.

Also, it should be noted that Xtend-Life asserts that they have a clinically tested 80% assimilation rate for all their enteric coated products, including the Cardio-Support supplement.

Again, the company says they can certify this 80 percent in internal laboratory tests.

They say this is possible in large part due to the enteric-coated tablets they produce  (the kind of coating pharmaceutical drugs use). This enteric coating preserves the nutrients in the harsh digestive environment that is the human stomach and protects them until they pass into the duodenum or upper intestine. There, they pass into your bloodstream where they go to work.

Consumer Reviews

Xtend-Life seems to have found a market with their Cardio-Support product. They’ve received a number of testimonials from customers. As of December 21st, 2023, here are just a few.

My husband started on the Cardio-Support and Lipi-Rite sometime in Oct/Nov last year. I am very happy to tell you that a recent lipid test showed there is a 33% reduction in triglycerides, at least a 10% reduction in his LDL and Total Cholesterol, but no change for the HDL!

Please let Warren and the team know and a very big “thank you” to all of you at Xtend-Life. Please post this review on your website – good things are meant to be shared!! I need your advice whether he should start on a maintenance dosage or continue with the maximum dosage until his LDL and Total Cholesterol are in the normal range.heart stethoscope

One thing to note though is his Cholesteroal/HDL Ratio falls within the normal range for both tests. Thanks!
Liling Y, Singapore March 9th, 2010

My 93-year-old mother has been taking Cardio-Support for several months now. I am impressed with how effective it has been in terms of improving her cardiovascular health.
Lynette B, USA

Very satisfied with Total Balance Men’s Premium, and Cardio-Support. The product quality is really remarkable.
Ted S., USA

Along with cayenne pepper, your Omega 3 supplement, this product is a fantastic supplement to use for lowering my risk factors to heart disease. It is not a null product. My congratulations on creating it.
Julius R., Tennesse, USA

Anti-Aging is a key component of Alternative Health. Having a healthy heart and/or getting healthy has always been a big goal of mine. I want longevity but healthy longevity. To that end, I’ve researched Cenzyme Q10 also called coq10, Magnesium, Green tea Extract, Psyllium, plant sterols, niacin, Folic Acid, red yeast rice, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, coenzyme digestion, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, fiber, B-Complex Vitamins, fish oil, vitamins, a balanced diet, minerals, vitamin supplements and I’ve studied them again and again and again looking for an edge. I’m positive herbs work well as I’ve proven them, but I’ve also used your products and I’m convinced they are made with very high quality. That means something to me. Thank you for writing about these great products by XtendLife.
Jim C., L.A., CA, USA

You can read more reviews here.

How Much Does It Sell For?

It sells for $48.00 USD (United States Dollar) per bottle as of December 21st, 2023. Each bottle of the Xtend-Life Cardio-Support comes with 120 enteric-coated tablets, which is essentially a month’s supply.

The company also offers free shipping to anywhere in the world for orders that equal $60 USD or above. For those orders not meeting the $60 amount, they will ship your order to you for a flat shipping & handling rate of $6.50. Again, this amount is a flat amount for shipment to anywhere in the world.

Product Guarantee?

365 day guarantee graphic

Yes, the company guarantees all their products actually. Xtend-Life has a one-year guarantee on all their products, Cardio-Support included. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can either get a full refund or a product replacement. Their guarantee used to be six months but the increased it a few years ago.

Any Customer Complaints?

No review would be complete without talking about its negatives. The biggest complaint about Xtend-Life with their products, Cardio-Support included, are their prices.

Xtend-Life counters saying that all their products made with the most exacting standards as mandated by GMP regulations. They also assert that have documented 80 percent assimilation rate in digestion. They also assert that their products are made according to exacting  pharmaceutical drug standards and that they produce products that actually give results all without side effects.

Xtend-Life says they could charge higher prices but don’t as they want their products to be available to everyone. The last point they make refuting the high cost or price is that essentially one will get what they pay for and in this instance they will get a product that top quality both for its construction and its end quality.

Where Can I Get More Detailed Product Information?

You can get all the information on the product you can think of here, if you so desire.

Where Can I Buy Cardio-Support?

Xtend Life Cardio Support BottleThe company only sells Cardio-Support online via their website; it is unavailable in grocery- or health-food stores. You can buy it here, although I don’t recommend it due to the dishonest business practices of the Xtend-Life — something I can personally attest to. However, you are free to choose.

I hope this Xtend-Life Cardio-Support product review was helpful in your quest for more information on heart health supplements.

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