Review of Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder

The green lipped mussel is among the most best supplement for arthritis but it also has many other health benefits.

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UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company. Better supplement – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

Welcome to this review of the well regarded Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder product.

This is a supplement that came upon the scene about three years ago from December 21st, 2023. It is an anti-inflammation and arthritis supplements. Arthritis affects millions the world over so it’s not hard to see why the Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussel supplement is so well received in the marketplace. It’s also growing in popularity, especially with the Asian markets.

Both naturopathic and allopathic professionals assert that inflammation is a precursor to debilitating health yet no one really talks about it. As I’ve gotten older, I have noticed it and by taking a green lipped mussel supplement, it has dramatically reduced and in most cases eliminated it.

I read a few years ago about former Detroit Lions football player Calvin Johnson who had inflammation so bad, it took him a significant amount of time to get going in the morning. Athletes, retired or not, who need to combat inflammation would benefit noticeably by taking this kind of specific supplement.

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But, without further adieu, let’s get to this review of this product.

What Is The Green Lip Mussel?

It’s not uncommon for many to not even know what is the green lip mussel. Well, the green-lipped or green shell mussel as it’s also called, is endemic or indigenous to the beautiful waters of New Zealand. If you don’t know your geography, New Zealand is south of Australia with the ocean waters there being among the most pristine in the world. Getting back to the green lipped mussel, it is is widely perceived to be a “miracle supplement” or “miracle food” or “superfood” in some circles.

Green Lipped Mussel ShellsSo, it is a “miracle food”? Well, it is quite impressive, but all things considered, no, it isn’t. However, that said, it has a complete nutritional profile and is one of the most robust foods in the entire world.

Clinically speaking, it rivals other superfoods like goji berries, bee pollen, cayenne pepper (Capsicum) and ginseng, but has more therapeutic qualities, chief of which are its impressive anti-inflammation properties (something I can personally attest to).

Getting back to the green lip mussel, laboratory research validates the premise is a formidable naturally occurring supplement. There is a caveat, though. To be truly effective, it must be cultivated and processed correctly to preserve its therapeutic potency.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder Health Benefits

Some of the research studies that have been done, both by Xtend-Life and others, confirm that the green lipped mussel powder is terrific for its:

  • Ability to minimize joint pain and its limiting of arthritis symptoms. In fact, it may be the best supplement for joint problems in the world
  • Pronounced anti-inflammation therapeutic capabilities. This is one of its more prominent therapeutic benefits

These benefits, impressive though they are, are not limited to just those. Other benefits that it is purported to have (at least according to the clinical studies alluded to) also include its ability to:

  • Potentially improve the bones, hair, teeth, skin, and finger nail health
  • Potentially help to lower key causal factors of heart disease (the number one killer in the United Kingdom and the US)
  • Potentially bolster and strengthen the arterial walls
  • Potentially improve blood circulation
  • Bolster the human immune system
  • bolster and strengthen human nerve cell functioning
  • Improve and bolster fertility among both genders (it’s not a “sex vitamin” per se, but it does help improve the chance of conceiving for those who want to have children

Earlier in this article, I mentioned about the need to process the green lip mussel correctly.

Clinical studies confirm that to glean the nutritional benefits of the impressive green lipped mussel, it must be eaten fresh and raw. That is not feasible for many and for many reasons. However, it can be taken or added to the diet in supplement form. There are some problems with taking it as a supplement, though.

green-lippd-bottleAs any raw foodist can tell you, heat destroys enzymes and nutrients. Thus, cultivating correctly the green lipped mussel supplement is cumbersome. Most supplement companies simply can’t do this due to their manufacturing processes.

Preserving the valuable therapeutic benefits of the green lipped mussel is more than about manufacturing processes.

Xtend-Life believes that their processes are far superior to its competitors. They say they have a proprietary method of preserving the green lipped mussel’s enzymes and nutrients in the making of a green lipped supplement product.

Most companies use the “normal” method of freeze-drying processes. This is counterproductive as it destroys virtually all of the nutrient value of the mussels through what is termed “enzymatic oxidation and chemical oxidation.” Xtend-Life says they don’t use these methods. This is significant.

Let’s discuss for a moment what happens with enzymatic oxidation and chemical oxidation. Let’s take them one at a time.

Enzymatic oxidation is essentially when lipoxidase enzymes in the green lip mussel flesh, which have been removed begin to oxidize or deteriorate. The surrounding organic compounds and also begin to deteriorate, which elements provide the green lipped mussel’s therapeutic nutrients.

The dirty little secret in the supplement industry is that with green lipped mussels it’s virtually and literally impossible to prevent enzymatic oxidation from happening.

Xtend-Life, however, says they are able to radically minimize the oxidation. They’ve managed to utilize a proprietary method of lightning-fast processing that is able to severely limit or forestall the rapid onset of enzymatic oxidization.

How Does it Work in Practical Terms?

Xtend-Life says it has learned how to take multiple one tonne bins of freshly culled green lipped mussels and separate the meat from its shells, then liquify it to slurry, spray the dry liquid, and then package the powder all while other supplement companies are still mired or bogged down in the blast-freezing process — and they say they have learned how to do in just over 30 minutes.

black-cohosh2The natural consequence is that literally almost all of the therapeutic and nutritional potency of the green lip mussel is retained, which is the core purpose, of course, in making the supplement.

This Proprietary Process is That Important With The Making of The Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder Supplements?

Yes, to answer the subheading’s question. When one compares Xtend-Life’s process to its competitors whose supplement-creation process can literally take several days to process their mussels, which results in only 8% to 10% nutrient life. Conversely, the Xtend Life’s process seems to be head and shoulders above their competition as they’re able to preserve the nutrients in only 30 minutes versus to potentially days with its competitors. That’s clearly a competitive advantage.

Xtend-Life says they also avoid blasting or cooking of the raw mussel meat with high temperatures so as to preserve the organic lipids and the sensitive mucopolysaccharides (MPS) during their manufacturing process in their wholly owned manufacturing facilities.

So why all the effort? Well, all the critical nutrients, especially the critical MPS, are nutritionally preserved so as to provide maximum benefit.

Thus, due to their proprietary manufacturing process, the supplement maintains a nutritional quality as if one is eating raw green lipped mussels. Thus, the Xtend-Life green lipped mussel supplement, they say, provides maximum therapeutic benefit to the consumer.

By the way, Xtend-Life guarantee 80% of the supplement’s nutrients are assimilated. They say that they’ve clinically tested it to come to that 80 percent figure. Most companies, they say can’t meet that figure. Their product, they say, is biochemically designed to “fit together” and thus enhance bio-availability and assimilation.

Why Is “Product Sourcing” So Important in The Creation of The Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder Supplements?

The Xtend-Life company says it can provide “full traceability” for its mussels. This means effectively that they can prove just where they get their green lip mussels. They say they obtain Marlborough Soundall their mussels from the pristine Marlborough Sound off of New Zealand’s south island. They also assert that they deliberately source their mussels from just one mussel supplier. Xtend-Life has negotiated a business arrangement with their supplier that they meet Xtend-Life’s quality standards.

The net result seems to be a fine product. Xtend-Life says that their green lipped mussel powder has more than double the amount of the mussel equivalent found in the oil product with virtually all of the MPS’s being preserved.

The MPS is vital for many scientists believe that a lack of MPS is a causal agent of aging.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Product?

There are 120 capsules in each bottle of the Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel supplement. They recommend four capsules be taken per day. One bottle is essentially one month’s supply.

Xtend-Life also provides what’s called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This COA certifies the exact date that the raw nutrients were certified as meeting purity levels.

What’s The Price?

As of December 21st, 2023, one bottle goes for only $31.25 USD (United States Dollar).

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Is There a Product Guarantee?

Yes. There is a one-year product guarantee on all Xtend-Life supplement products. Xtend Life says this regarding their guarantee policy:

365 day guarantee graphicNot 100% happy with your purchase from us? Send it back within 12 months of the purchase for a full refund or product replacement – whichever you prefer. We do not want you to have any product from us which does not fully meet or exceed your expectations.”

Customer Testimonials About The Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder Supplement

Xtend Life’s mussel farm has become so successful the aquaculture industry with green lipped mussels is growing at a current rate of an astonishing 55,000 tonnes per annum. Clearly, this is a popular product that is growing in popularity.

Here are some actual customer reviews:

We love your products. I gave a bottle of Green Lipped Mussel to a friend who complained about pain in his joints. And he claims that a week after taking the supplement he has great improvements. But then his wife developed wrist pain from computer use, and she is taking now four pills of green-lipped mussel a day and [the] pain disappeared. I hope they will become your clients as well.
Valerie P., Canada

I’m really impressed by your green lipped mussel powder product. Its anti-inflammatory properties literally started working for me the day I started taking it. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve got a lot of aches and pains due to working out, and I’ve had a bad back for years (my lower back specifically). This product alleviates those pains. All I’m doing is taking your Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin, which I now think is the best vitamin brand, and I’m also taking your Omega 3/QH Ultra too. (I’m also alternating the Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium product.) I was worried at first by the cost of your supplements until I realized they are pharmaceutical grade — that’s a big deal! I’m not willing to skimp on my health so I’m willing to pay for quality, highly assimilable supplements. The green lipped mussel product really does the job. It has my full endorsement, and my congratulations on producing such a great product.
Norman R., California, USA

I have been as objective as possible. That said, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t add my testimonial to this product. It works. Period. My personal inflammation due to aging has disappeared in only a matter of taking it for three months straight. I’m very grateful for that and personally highly endorse this product.


  • It’s fantastic for combating inflammation
  • It’s sourced and made with exacting standards that thus preserves its nutritional potency
  • It is made in a GMP-compliant facility

What Are The Negatives About The Product?

If you have an allergy to any kind of shellfish, unfortunately you can not take this supplement.

Also, another thing to be aware of is the classic fish burp. You will get that until your body gets used to it. Also, be aware that the capsules have a slight smell. (The supplement comes in vegetable-based capsules and are not in tablet form.) It’s not at all overpowering, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Also, be aware that you can very slightly taste it when you put the capsules in your mouth. However, it’s temporary at best. Once the capsules are swallowed with water any slight taste you have — and it is very slight — is gone. I’ve found as you take it every day, you don’t really notice it. I take it in the morning with a number of other supplements and don’t notice it at all.

Where Can I Find Out More About This Supplement?

This page is a good place for more info. There, one can read specific clinical studies that were carried out on the green lipped mussels. In the studies, you’ll see the therapeutic benefits that can be derived from using a high quality green lipped mussel supplement product.

Where You Can Buy It

Xtend Life Green Lipped MusselYou can buy it here, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The company engages in dishonest business practices and as such I do not recommend them to you, but it’s your choice. It’s not available in health food or grocery stores as Xtend-Life only sells their products directly to the consumer to save costs and to keep prices as low as possible.

Thank you for reading this review of Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Extract Powder supplement.

UPDATED: December 21st, 2023

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