Review of Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator

Sex vitamins are popular for both men & women, but what's a good one? This Xtend Life product is designed just for women to increase their sexual pleasure.

Rating: 1 (out of 5)

UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company. Better supplement – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

Welcome to this review of Xtend-Life Hormone Support for Her. As you know, sex vitamins are among the most popular health and fitness supplements in the world and are popular for women as well as men, but women also have other nutritional needs as well. This review of just such a product will hopefully help you in making a decision as to the best sex vitamin and/or menopause vitamin designed specifically for women.

This is will be a non-partisan review of Xtend Life’s PMS and menopause supplement called Xtend-Life Hormone Support for Her nee Female Rejuvenator.

The this women-specific supplement product is one of the few Xtend Life products that I’ve never used as I’m a male! (Meenteric-coated-pillsn can use the male-specific version that is called Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator.)

However, that said, this review will cover the product’s customer service, ingredients and quality.

Let’s now go over this “sex vitamins” and menopause supplement product now.

The Product Hormone Support for Her

Thhis Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator product is wholly and completely designed just for women. To be clear, this product is designed just for women, not men. It is made with pharmaceutical-grade independently certified quality raw ingredients that are not clinically proven to produce results, Xtend-Life says. I mentioned that their product raw materials are independently certified. They are tested in cGMP-compliant laboratories like Alkemists Laboratories in Costa Mesa, California, USA. The raw nutrients are actually tested twice, once in-house

Combined with its careful product construction, including enteric coating, the end result is a

enteric coating

highly bio-available supplement that has an 80% assimilation rate, according to Xtend-Life.

The New Zealand based company says that this product will help to either prevent or mitigate PMS symptoms while restoring hormone balance in the female supplementing with it.

The core benefits are that one will feel increased well-being while being better able to emotionally cope with menopausal change. The supplement, Xtend-Life says, will help to severely limit the severity as well as the frequency of mood swings, which are common to women going through the menopause change.

Xtend-Life also says that the Hormone Support product doesn’t just help women more advanced in age, but it also can radically help younger women as well. Hormone Support helps amplify natural sexual desire in women as well as sensitivity and intensity, which is something many women desire.

Female customers have reported to the company that this product increases fertility while simultaneously bolstering the possibility of conception.

Is Hormone Support for Her a Pharmaceutical Grade “Sex Vitamin”?

Why has it become such a successful product? The answer is the same for all of their products, says Xtend Life. It has to do with how their products are designed and constructed. The company says all of their supplement products are made in cGMP-compliant facilities, the highest standard possible.

You may have seen some companies tout their NSF GMP Compliance and that is laudable. Pharmaceutical grade, though, is a step above.

As mentioned previously, all of the company’s product ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade quality and are verified by third-party laboratories. Xtend-Life also doesn’t “farm out” the manufacturing of their products, either. They have their own facility where they make their products, which they maintain is important to quality control. Some of the things Xtend-Life has done is utilize pharmaceutical blending as opposed to the traditional not paddle/ribbon, blender-type mixers the vast majority vitamin companies utilize. This ensures that the capsules have uniformity of dispersion with the raw nutrients.

So, for example, instead of getting a blueberry muffin that has 20 blueberries while another may get a muffin with 4 blueberries, this type of mixing ensures each muffin, as it were, get an equal amount of blueberries.pic_3d_blender

Moreover, Xtend Life insists that their Hormone Support for Her product meets British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical drug standards for their herbal extraction processes. That is the highest quality possible in this world and even surpasses Food & Drug Administration (FDA) quality.

Why is this important? Because It ensures the customer gets quality, highly assimilable sex vitamins or menopause supplements that significantly affect female-specific issues without the notorious side effects so common to pharmaceutical drugs.

Customer Reviews About Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator

The Hormone Support for Her product has been received with enthusiasm by its customer base. The testimonials given her are just a few in number but represent the bulk of the product.

I wanted to post a message on the amazing qualities of your Total Balance Women’s Premium along with Hormone Support for Her. My husband and I have been taking these supplements for a good year now and when I ran out of my Womens Total Balance about a month ago I thought until my new order arrived I would use the Men’s Premium in which I did but my husbands was also very low and we ran out of both.

Well I need to let you know that for three weeks I had such severe hot flashes both day and night. This “hot flash” thing was new to me causeI had never experienced them before even though at 49 years of age my cycle is now starting to become erratic. I’d say I am now very pre-menapausal! I told my husband that the hot flashes began when I ran out of the Women’s Total Balance, he said we’ll see once our order arrived and I was back to taking them again. I need to say that these supplements are amazing because within four days I have only one or two flashes a day.

I am amazed and so is my husband because I wasn’t sleeping due to sweating and throwing off the blanket in which kept my husband awake also, now I am back to sleeping very well and feeling rested when I wake. I sure hope this product works for other women like it has for me!! I thank you for the great relief!!!
Verda, USA

I started taking Hormone Support about two weeks ago. I have had very painful menstruations for 26 years. The last one was, for the first time ever, pain free, PAIN FREE!!! I never thought that would be possible for me. I thought you might like to know this and you are more than welcome to put it on the website!
Anne, New Zealand

Thank you so much for your courteous and knowledgeable response. I always know that I can count on you to take any questions seriously. I have been so pleased with Hormone Support and apparently others have notices something.

Several people at the gym I attend have asked if I was taking anything. I told them “Yes, I am taking Hormone Support” I told them the website and suggested that they go there and read and study the product and decide for themselves whether it would be good for them. They did and 4 or 5 people have also ordered the product. Thanks again for making a product which works and is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormone replacement.
Ms Dormuth, UK

To read more testimonials or testimonials, go here.

What’s The Price?

The Xtend-Life Hormone Support product sells for exactly $29.95 USD (United States Dollar). Each bottle contains 90 enteric-coated tablets, essentially a month’s supply. Xtend Life says for optimal benefit to follow their recommended daily intake. So, the one bottle with 90 tablets is one month’s supply.

You may buy it here, if interested, or if you want more information, click on the preceding hyperlink as well.

Does Hormone Support Have a Product Guarantee?

Yes, it does. Xtend-Life offers a one-year product guarantee on all their products, this product included. If you are not satisfied with Hormone Support in any way, you can either get a refund or a product replacement — it’s your choice.

Xtend Life has one of the better guarantees I’ve ever seen for a supplement company. Any company that offers a six-month or one year guarantee is very confident in their product, which is why it’s so uncommon.

What About IT Security When Ordering?

This used to be a non-issue but now, in an age of constant IT (information technology) threats from hackers and the proliferation of trojans, viruses, and other “malware” require bullet proof IT security. All of Xtend-Life’s transactions are very safe and certified as such on a daily basis by independent, third-party sources.

Free Shipping Anywhere in The World?

As the sub-heading says, Xtend-Life offers free shipping anywhere in the world, but only for orders cGMP Logo Compliancetotaling $60 USD or more. What about if your order is doesn’t meet the $60 figure? Then you’ll pay a flat shipping and handling fee of $6.50, which is a good deal as well.

Any Customer Complaints About Hormone Support for Her?

No review of the Hormone Support product would be complete or honest without discussing its shortcomings. Hormone Support doesn’t have any specific product complaints, which is rare in the supplement industry. From my research poring over their forum and testimonials and talking to the company itself, the main complaints Xtend-Life receives is due to their product’s price points.

Xtend-Life responds that their product ingredients are pharmaceutical grade quality and are tested, independently verified and manufactured in their own in cGMP-compliant facilities (“cGMP” means current Good Manufacturing Practices), which accounts for the higher cost than most run-of-the-mill supplements. The GMP designation is a very coveted quality-control standard and is an indicator of high product quality.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life Hormone Support for Her BottleXtend-Life only sells all of their products online direct from their website; they are not available in health-food, grocery-store, or health-supply outlets or anywhere in the retail channel.

You can buy Hormone Support for Her here. However, I don’t recommend you buy this product. The Xtend-Life company is dishonest and engages in dishonest business practices. I’ve personally experienced this. Nevertheless, you are free to choose. I hope this Xtend-Life Hormone Support for Her review has been useful to you.

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