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Good memory supplements are needed to stave off brain-health related diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

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UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company. Better supplement – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

Welcome to this review of the Xtend Life Neuro Natural General memory supplements product. If you are suffer any kind of memory loss or some other memory related problem such as embarrassing or frustrating gaps in your memory; if you desire preventive healthcare for your brain’s functions and/or to forestall Alzheimer’s  or dementia, or some other brain related health problem, you need to think about perhaps supplementing your diet with a good “memory pills.”

Xtend Life Neuro-Natural General Benefits: Is It Among The Best Memory Supplements?

This product is a preemptive supplement, if you will. It is meant to, in part, ward off disease. It’s preventative in nature. It is ostensibly for brain health. It is designed to prevent nervous system disorders and brain issues like Parkinson’s disease, Huntingdon’s, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy, etc.

It also helps to prevent mild or severe short-term memory loss as well. Good memory pills or vitamins for memory can help you prevent those health conditions. In order to bolster such health, the New Zealand company Xtend-Life created a pharmaceutical-grade brain-health, brain-function nutritional supplement. It is literally a brain memory product.The Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural General product has been formulated as a literal kind of “brain food.”

This product has 48 ingredients that are designed to biochemically complement one another. Cognitive enhancement is another byproduct of this product.

Such memory vitamins like ginseng and especially ginkgo extract, DHEA, Acetyl-L-carnitine provide intelligence augmentation or at the very least brain homeostasis. Continuing, one of the most notable elements of the Xtend-Life supplement line, which ranges from its flagship Total Balance multi-vitamin to joint supplements, is that all the products are a careful blend of both western medicine biochemistry and naturopathic.

They combine modern-day clinical science with the best of natural herbs and the naturopathic. When I say, “science,” one of the impressive things Xtend-Life does is that they certify all of their various products’ raw ingredients in independent, third-party laboratories to ensure purity and quality.

With the Neuro-Natural General supplement, the company uses an interesting blend of medicinal herbs like ginkgo biloba, a powerhouse for mental function, grape seed extract, bilberry, milk thistle and green tea extract. I have a goodly amount of experience and knowledge about the herb ginkgo biloba.

I had to. Here’s why.

After a brief yet scary bout with short-term memory loss around 2003, and having proved to myself many times the efficacy of medicinal herbs, I started taking ginkgo biloba. In all honesty, the effects were literally and immediately apparent.

My short-term memory loss disappeared! It was just gone. I’m a keen believer in ginkgo biloba. It’s one of the best natural memory supplements on the planet. I was very happy, of course, but mostly I was relieved. Ginkgo biloba is very potent, but surprisingly no one in America really anything about this incredible medicinal herb. Not so in other countries, though.

Ginkgo biloba is actually prescribed by traditional western medicine doctors in Germany. wellness should not be isolated to just omega-3 fatty acids, DHA vitamin b-12, vitamin C and E. Not here in the United States, though. brainIf you think medicinal herbs or spices are “19th century” medicine, think again. It’s America that’s behind, actually. In India, China, Australia, Canada, and Europe, medicinal herbs and alternative medicine are the preferred method now.

In truth, I think a melding of both would be ideal, but given the vast resources of allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical drug companies, I wouldn’t wait around for that to happen. In a recent poll taken about three years ago, 57 percent of respondents in an Australian poll said they preferred naturopathic options over traditional allopathic options. That is an astonishing figure as the naturopathic or medicinal herbal community gets no PR to speak of.

That brings me to Xtend Life. When I was told they produce “pharmaceutical-grade-like quality” supplements, that really piqued my interest. For you see most vitamin companies 1) buy inferior ingredients for their supplements, 2) have outdated manufacturing practices and equipment, and 3) do not produce supplement products that are actually bio-available  by the human body. Most supplement products are excreted out as they are literally not assimilable by the human physiology.

Xtend Life Neuro-Natural General, Memory Supplements

Neuro-Natural General has been designed to provide not just protection of your neurological and nervous systems but to enhance them as well. Unless you have a major neurological impairment or short-term memory loss, In truth, it’s unlikely you’ll notice differences in your brain chemistry or functionality. That’s why it’s important to use preventive means.


So, Neuro-Natural General is ostensibly designed for protection and prevention. Xtend-Life says if you supplement with Neuro-Natural, “Improvements may well be noticeable in terms of quicker thinking and better short- and long-term memory, due to increased cerebral blood flow and more restful sleep…plus an improved overall sense of well-being and nervous system function.”

I agree for this is what I have experienced.

enteric coated pillsThe daily amount Xtend-Life recommends for their Neuro-Natural General is six tablets. It should also be noted that they have clinically tested the product to have a minimum of 80% assimilation rate. That figure far outstrips its competition, they say.

Xtend Life says this is the case as they’ve clinically certified that figure in various in-house laboratory tests. A bold claim to be sure, but not if one has actual scientific data to validate that conclusion.

What’s The Price for These Memory Supplements?

As of December 21st, 2023, one bottle goes for $39.95 USD per bottle. Each bottle of Neuro Natural General has 90 enteric-coated tablets. Each bottle is wrapped like a drug bottle having the obligatory cotton ball inside and a dessicant to keep out unwanted moisture.

Does Xtend Life Offer a Product Guarantee?

Yes.. Xtend-Life gives a one-year, unconditional  product guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product in inform them and you will either get a refund or a product replacement. It’s your choice. Xtend-Life told me they have only a miniscule amount of orders returned. However…I know from personal experience that Xtend-Life is not an honest company. I doubt this guarantee would be fulfilled to you. Therefore, I don’t recommend their products.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Yes and no. Xtend-Life offers free shipping to anywhere in the world if the order totals $60 USD (United States Dollar) or more. For orders under the $60 benchmark, the shipping and handling is a flat $6.50. Again, though, that fee covers shipping to your doorstep no matter where you live in the world.

What Are Others Saying About The Product?

Xtend Life Neuro Natural General appears to be well accepted. Here are a few reviews taken from their website:

I have been taking Total Balance Men’s 3 x a day, Neuro-Natural General 3 x a day and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil 2 x a day for the past week and a half…. …I’ve had ADD and allergies for as long as I can remember, especially after the age of 8/9. I’m 20 now. In the short time I’ve been taking your products my ADD and allergy symptoms have diminished quickly….. I know your products are working because I’ve been taking prescription medications to treat my symptoms for over a decade…..As soon as I took your products I quit taking my prescriptions cold turkey. In less than a day I noticed that my ADD was virtually gone, I sleep better, I have more energy and my allergies are reduced as well. The disappearance of my allergies is a huge difference because spring is here and allergies have hit my region and I’m virtually unaffected.
William, USA

I wanted to let you know how well your supplements are working for me, they have by far surpassed my expectations. I have been using Women’s Plus, Female Rejuvenator, Neuro-Natural General and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil for the past 2-weeks. I follow the schedule you suggested and take 3 Female Rejuvenator in the morning along with the Coral Calcium in some juice. After that I take 2 Women’s Plus and 2 Neuro-Natural together about every 4-5 hours. I take 3 Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil daily with food. Let me tell you some of the positive results that I have experienced… Improved energy, stable mood, a happier, more content and relaxed feeling! I’ve become very regular and go with ease. My libido is much higher. My cognitive functioning is sharper and more acute. I have a lower appetite and also surprisingly soft lips! They used to be dry and chapped even though I was on high doses of fish oils. I used lip balms but nothing worked. Now I use nothing yet still my lips stay soft!
Dana, USA

If you’d like to read more customer reviews on the Neuro Natural General product, and/or if you’d like to get more product information, go here instead. It’s your choice.

Are There Any Customer Complaints?

A few of the Xtend Life Neuro-Natural General has ingredients that are derived from soy. The company believes you’ll be okay but if you have any qualms about it at all, ask your doctor for his/her recommendation.

Also this product has no peanut derived byproducts nor any shellfish, dairy, gluten, or any other synthesized byproducts.

One common complaint Xtend-Life receives its $37.95 USD per bottle price. TThe company counters saying basically, “You get what you pay for.” They reminded me that their product is literally is a pharmaceutical-grade quality supplement without any side effects and highly assimilable.

In New Zealand where the Neuro Natural General supplement is made, vitamin manufacturers are regulated by their government’s equivalent of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) unlike here in the US (of course, there are pluses and minuses for having the gov’t involved). Thus, Xtend-Life’s products actually not only meet FDA standards but the rigorous standards of British Pharmacopoeia as well for certain of their extraction procedures. It should be noted that British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical standards actually exceed those of the FDA in many instances. So, Xtend-Life says those are some of the reasons why it is more expensive than run-of-the-mill supplements. That said, their product line is not priced out of the market.

This information came to me from a Xtend-Life representative who told me in a personal email when I queried them about this and other product questions. A significant portion of Xtend Life’s business is repeat orders from their loyal customers. I think one can easily deduce that they wouldn’t have such repeat business if their customers weren’t happy with their products.

Where Is It Sold?

Neuro-Natural General Memory SupplementsNeuro Natural General is only sold over the Internet directly to the customer from the Xtend Life company in New Zealand itself. You can buy here, but I don’t recommend the product or the company due to dishonest business practices. Of course, you are free to choose.

I hope this review of Xtend Life’s Neuro-Natural General memory supplements product has been helpful.

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