Vitamins for Immune System: Review of Xtend-Life Immu-Stay

Are you looking for vitamins for immune system? Look no further.

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UPDATED: October 3rd, 2019

The Xtend-Life Immu-Stay product, which used to be known as Xtend-Life Viral-Protec, — a product that is ostensibly marketed as vitamins for immune system.

Xtend-Life’s mission they say is to create the best pharmaceutical quality supplement products in the world. As part of their ongoing product marketing for all their products, the Immu-Stay product included is to use science so as to take the best out of nature.

To that end, they seek to combine the best of allopathic medicine (western medicine) and non-traditional medicine (naturopathic) including the usage  of medicinal herb extracts and various health and fitness supplements.

Immu-Stay was created only after significant in-house clinical studies by Xtend-Life. Given its rigorous construction standards, which I’ll cover momentarily as well as its quality raw ingredients, it is a major player in the cold supplement market.

Let’s now get into this product in more depth.

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Vitamins for Immune System — Pharmaceutical Grade Tested Ingredients

colors - vitamins for immune systemXtend-Life produces all their products in what are called GMP (good manufacturing practices). These standards essentially comprise the full gambit of manufacturing including the testing raw nutrients and ensuring its  purity,  encapsulating process, cleanliness of facilities, even employee training. These pharmaceutical GMP standards are meet rigorous FDA and standards for their line of nutrition supplement products.

Another distinguishing point with Xtend-Life is that they seek to combine the best of allopathic or western medicine with the best of herbal medicine all supported by modern-day research.

What about the Immu-Stay product? The company says that all of the ingredients in the product bolster the human immune system while simultaneously combating recurring and current symptoms.

As I’ve had a deep interest in medicinal herbology since I was a young man, that surprised and delighted me.

The Xtend-Life Immu-Stay product has many medicinal herbal extracts, which extraction process meets British Pharmacopeia standards. That’s impressive for a nutrition supplement company. Continuing, the Xtend-Life Immu-Stay has the following prominent herbal extracts including:

  1. Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus); this is one of the greatest herbs in the world and rightly is classified as a superfood
  2. Bilberry; a superb herb with many uses
  3. Turmeric (another incredible superfood)
  4. Indian echinacea (or Andrographis)Milk Thistle Flower
  5. Milk thistle (the picture to the right)
  6. Olive leaf
  7. Piperine

Numbers 4, 1, and 3 noteworthy. One of these, Indian echinacea, has been clinically mandated by clear data to have immuno-stimulant as well as anti-bacterial capabilities. Moreover,  echinacea has been shown again in clinical research to possess antibody, anti-allergy activity, and mass cell-stabilizing properties.

The net result is that your body’s defense mechanisms against disease are tremendously heightened and bolstered.

Another happy consequence or byproduct of  cell stabilization is the decrease in cell oxidization or aging. Not a lot of vitamins for immune system have that.

Aging and oxidation go hand in hand. Anti-oxidants delay and slow human aging biological processes. What’s the result? It’s clear: you age slower and who doesn’t want that.

Another compelling selling point Xtend-Life seems proud of and rightly so is that Immu-Stay qualifies as a pharmaceutical-grade quality supplement product. In New Zealand, their government’s Ministry of Health oversees supplements and this means quality, generally speaking.

This kind of product quality is very rare and uncommon for a supplement business. The end result is that you get the highest quality supplements and without the side effects that are so common to pharmaceutical drugs.

Moreover, Xtend-Life adds not run-of-the-mill pharmaceutical glaze but enteric coating over their tablets so as to maximize assimiliability and bio-availability in the human system.

This enteric coating protects the sensitive nutrients preserving the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach before they get into your upper intestine where they they go into your bloodstream where they can do their work.

This means at least 80 percent of the nutrients in the tablets are assimilated. This 80 percent figure is guaranteed by Xtend-Life, which they say they’ve proven with in-house clinical testing.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been using your Total Balance and Lipi-Rite products so I know you produce quality products. I will be using your Immu-Stay product during cold and flu season to bolster my immune system. Vitamins for the immune system is needed today, in my opinion.
Mary J., Australia

Vitamins for Immune System — The Price?

One bottle of the Xtend-Life Immu-Stay product is $35.00 USD. You can buy it here, if you are so inclined, but you are free to choose for yourself.

Immu-Stay has 90 enteric-coated tablets in each bottle.

They also offer free shipping for all orders totaling $60 USD or over. If the order is under $60, they charge a flat $6.50 for shipping anywhere in the world. That’s a great deal, I think.

Vitamins for Immune System: Is There a Guarantee?

All supplements from Xtend-Life have a one-year guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you a full refund or a product replacement. It’s your choice.

Generally speaking, to have a guarantee for six months is superb, but a year is exceptional.

Customer Complaints Regarding These “Vitamins for Immune System”

No review would be honest if it didn’t discuss the product’s shortcomings. In terms of product quality and efficacy, Xtend-Life Immu-Stay is a relatively new product so the jury is still out as to its market acceptance.

This product has not garnered any customer complaints that I can gather.

The one thing that many Xtend-Life’s customers complain about is the price of their supplements. Xtend-Life counters that 1) their products are competitively priced that they could charge more but as they sell direct, they can pass the savings onto the customer and 2) their products could actually be priced higher, they say, as all their products are made in their own company-owned, cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities.

(Some supplement companies actually outsource supplement product creation, Xtend-Life does not.)

Xtend-Life also asserts that their supplement products are pharmaceutical-grade with the products made to FDA standards. In fact, they claim that some of the manufacturing processes, like the herbal extract process, meet certain British Pharmacopeia standards.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Go here to peruse more in-depth detail about the Xtend-Life Immu-Stay product.

Where Can I Buy The Xtend-Life Immu-Stay?

Xtend-Life Immu-StayXtend-Life only sells their supplements directly via their website. You can purchase Immu-Stay directly from Xtend-Life here. But you are free to choose.

I hope this review regarding these vitamins for immune system has been helpful.

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