What is The Best Multivitamin on The Market Today?

Finally learn the answer to the question, "Just what are the best multivitamin products on the market today?" The answer may surprise you.

There are many fine multivitamins on the market today but have you ever asked yourself, “OK, what is the best multivitamin on the market today?” Or, what are the top 20, 10 or 5? Well, if you’re looking to find information Image result for vitamin pillsas to what are the best supplement products available today; if you’re looking for unbiased reviews on fish oil supplements, bodybuilding supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, prenatal supplements, medicinal herbs and any kind of supplement on the market today, this website will help you find out — that is one of its core purposes.

(To see the top 20 multivitamins on the market today, you can scroll down to the handy jquery grid.)

There are literally thousands of various nutritional supplement products on the market today. Determining the best multivitamin brands can take an enormous amount of time. It’s expensive, too. ConsumerLab.com charges around $75,000 per ingredient to test the top multivitamins or best vitamins.

I’ve found another way. Undoubtedly the supplement industry has been in good need of oversight as the wellness or health industry is highly profitable. Business has never been better. In the United States we don’t have the FDA overseeing vitamin supplements or any supplements at all, only marginally.

IN addition, finding the top vitamins can be difficult due to a lack of trust with the consumer. That is why many vendors now are voluntarily subscribing to “current good manufacturing practices” (GMP — sometimes referred to as cGMP)

A GMP-certified distribution facility audit from an agency that offers such yearly audits like USP or NSF certifies products and creates standards for dietary supplements, food, water and consumer goods in an effort to minimize health risks and protect the public and cgmp colonixthe environment. GMPs for the current NSF International Dietary Supplements Registration Program, for example, are included in NSF International American National Standard 173, the only American National Standard for Dietary Supplements.

Good Manufacturing Practices are standards outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (or FDA) that address all aspects of dietary supplement production, from raw ingredient sourcing to final product release, as well as employee training and facility and equipment maintenance. Ongoing audits are performed in order to ensure continued compliance with the regulations. The irony is that while the U.S. FDA mandated GMP compliance, companies are left to themselves to adhere to the guidelines as the FDA doesn’t enforce them.

Continuing, pharmaceutical GMP compliance is the highest standard, which all pharmaceutical companies are required to have. Very few supplement companies have this, Xtend-Life and Douglas Labs are two of them.

Extensive Research Analysis to Find The Best Multivitamin, Vitamins and Supplements

It’s always been a passion of mine to identify the best supplements, herbs, and sundry health secrets. (In fact, finding health secrets has been a passion of mine, too.)

To that end, I’ve researched, analyzed, compared and personally tested a couple of hundred multivitamin products from all over the globe and have scored them according a rigorous criteria and then ranked them. This ranking of the best multivitamins was an exhaustive project that took aboutbest multivitamin three years to complete.

Thus, you can be assured that there is a “best” vitamin brand is out there; there are quality products available. Here’s the table showing the ranking of the various vitamin supplements on the market today. Without further adieu, here are the top 10.

The Top 10 Best Multivitamins on the Market

Company Multivitamin Product Potency Rank cGMP Compliant
The People’s Chemist Daily Dose 96/100 1 Yes
Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X 96/100 2 Yes
USANA Health Sciences Essentials 90/100 3 Yes
Shaklee Vitalizer Gold 90/100 4 Yes
Optimum Nutrition Opti Performance Pack 90/100 5 Yes
Mountain Naturals Daily Best MultiVitamin 88/100 6 Yes
Nature Made Multi Complete Tablets 87/100 7 Yes
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak 86/100 8 Yes
Nutrilite (Amway/Quixtar) Double X 85/100 9 Yes

SupplementReviewPal.com’s Mission

I’ve studied nutrition, herbal medicine, alternative medicine, and dietary supplements for literally over 25 years. I’ve also had the good fortune to meet and become friends with medicinal herbalists, registered dieticians and medical doctors as well as supplement experts who have helped me in my personal search for optimum health.

It’s my mission to assist you in sorting through the noise and avalanche of information that cascades upon you so you don’t have to. After a two decade long search, I’ve finally found affordable, nutrition-packed supplements brimming with assimilable nutrients worth discussing. Not to mention the best multivitamin for men and the best multivitamin for women as wellvitamin pills.

And, I discovered info that the government doesn’t want you to know about, too. Genuine health secrets to bolster your health in every way. Including slowing aging, healing injured areas of the body, significantly diminishing the risk of stroke and heart disease — even to curing cancer.

What are my qualifications? My professional training is in communications and management, not in health. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and two master’s degrees in public relations and organizational management (I graduated second in my class for both graduate degrees).

While I don’t have training or education in medicine, it’s been an avocation or “hobby” of mine. Actually, it’s been more like a passion. When I was 18 years old, I had the good fortune of meeting a master herbalist who studied with the famed naturopathic doctor and master herbalist John R. Christopher.

My friend, who was a master herbalist himself, opened my eyes to things I had never considered. Since then, I’ve had a keen interest in all things health related, and that’s one of the reasons why I created this website.

Multivitamin, Fitness, & Bodybuilding Supplement Review Website

What kind of health information are you interested in? I will discuss every aspect of what is the best multivitamin for women, men, children; I will give reviews of the best vitamin brand products, weight lifting supplement products; I will also talk about what herbs are best, but the core will most definitely be on the various elements of supplement information.

vitamin capsulesIn actuality, I’ll write about all health-related info even if it doesn’t fit neatly under the umbrella of the site’s title. You will not hear the pros and the cons, the good, the bad, and the ugly on dietary supplements.

You’ll find nothing but accurate, professionally-verified and proven techniques, tips, even secretive information that will work for your supplements preferences and needs.

You can also get updated, fresh, vital dietary supplement information in this site on a constant basis so check back here periodically.

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

Arabian Proverb

Don’t get too busy to take care of yourself. Remember the Arabian proverb above. Words to live by!

Is There a Best Multivitamin That is Better Than The Others?

In conclusion, many, like myself, think there’s a better way to vigorous health. Perhaps you do, too. Good supplementation is a key, integral part of optimal health. Indeed, a carefully thought out exercise plan, relaxation, and a good fiber-rich diet full of vegetables and fruit are all a part of good health, too. Just remember what Linus Pauling said, “Most diseases come about due to a lack of vitamins in one’s system.” Clearly, the vitamins and cancer connection is important as well, according to Pauling.

Lastly, look for a product that has more than just calcium or vitamin D in it. Look for a product that meets a rigorous cGMP criteria. Don’t just listen to what Tufts University or Oregon State University or what Drugstore.com Inc. says. This review I’m hoping will go a long way to helping you.

I hope this multivitamin review webpage has been helpful and that you found information on what are the best multivitamin on the market today.

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