Review of Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Recall

An unbiased, comprehensive review of Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Recall. If you're looking for vitamins for memory, this product is just such an offering.

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UPDATED: July 12th, 2024. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company.

Welcome to this review of Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Recall, a product that is ostensibly sold as vitamins for memory. If you have a short- or a long-term memory problem and are thinking of getting a high-quality supplements for memory and want to avoid side effects so common to pharmaceutical drugs, this Xtend Life product may be for you.

This product called Neuro-Natural Recall has been carefully — an clinically designed — to help those who suffer from short-term memory loss as well as other brain functions. The company, Xtend-Life, says that Neuro-Natural rapidly improves one’s concentration, and will help “reduce the risk of dementia and “brain fog.”

So, is this true? Or just marketing hype?

One thing New Zealand based Xtend-Life touts with their entire product line, which is wide ranging, is that their products are pharmaceutical grade as they have been made in what are called “GMP” compliant facilities. GMP stands for “good manufacturing practices.” You will sometimes see it written as “cGMP” with the “c” meaning “current.” It is the same thing.

This certification validates that the raw nutrient materials, the product ingredients, the diagnostic equipment and the manufacturing processes are all compliant and meet the rigid GMP and FDA requirements.

Xtend-Life says that some of their extraction herbal processes, for example, meet British Pharmacopoeia standards, which standards govern in New Zealand.

Key Neuro-Natural Recall Info

Xtend-Life was one of the first innovators who sought to combine the best of western medicine with the best of herbal medicine by utilizing herbal extracts. (Now, it’s much more common, but it wasn’t always so.)

In the Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural Recall supplement product, the company has included some herbal extracts into their products. This product is no exception. It’s carefully designed blend of vitamins and minerals allow it to be biochemically synergistic. Some of the medicinal herbs that the Neuro-Natural Recall product has are Hawthorn berry, Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), bilberry (great for the eyes), ginkgo biloba (great for memory), gotu kola (also great for memory),  and green tea.

Just ginseng, gingko biloba and gotu kola are very noteworthy. They are powerful medicinal herbs. Ginseng in Asia is almost deified for its potency and is a superfood.

Igotu kola leafn Asia and Micronesia, gotu kola and ginseng are considered core foods and are held in high regard. Ginkgo biloba is another great medicinal herb. In Germany, it’s so well respected that it is  prescribed by the western medical doctors there.

One powerful point Xtend-Life seems proud of is that they 80 percent of the tablets in all their supplement products will be assimilated by the body. How can this be? Well, they claim it’s clinically tested in house.

One of the reasons why their supplements are so highly assimilable is because of the enteric coated tablets they use. What is “enteric coating”?

Neuro-Natural Recall — Does It Have Enteric Coating?

Enteric coating is just that a coating that preserves the carefully encapsulated nutrients while it is in the harsh environment of the human stomach. With most supplements, you may notice that soon after taking the vitamin, you’ll notice that your urine is much darker or you’ll have to urinate a lot longer or both.

That is a clear indicator that the product is not being assimilated properly by the body. Enteric coating is a pharmaceutical drug standard that preserves the nutrients while immersed within the harsh stomach acids. Once the vitamin or supplement tablets with enteric coating are passed into the duodenum (the human upper intestine area), they are broken down and released into your bloodstream.

To get a basic idea of what enteric coating is, pharmaceutical drugs enteric coating. It’s an expensive delivery system, which is why the vast majority of supplement makers throughout the world just won’t utilize them. They’ll use pharmaceutical glaze at most but that is all. To be multivitaminsspecific and to be clear, the enteric coating is the material on the outside of the tablets with the nutrients of the actual tablet on the inside beneath that coating. It is an inert substance and just passes out of the body leaving without any negative side effects.

The Price of Neuro-Natural Recall?

Today, ]todaysdate], one bottle sells for $42.50 USD. Regarding product shipping,  Xtend-Life offers free shipping when the order totals $60 USD or more.

For orders that don’t reach that mark, the company charges a flat $6.50 shipping fee regardless where you live.

You can get more information or buy the product here.

Is There a Product Guarantee?

Yes. The manufacturer offers a superb one-year product guarantee. The guarantee allows you to either get a refund or a product replacement — it’s your choice.

Consumer Testimonials

The product is now in its fourth version and has a good market following. Here is one intriguing testimonial:

I just want to let you know that you literally changed my life. For many months, despite moderate exercise and taking some basic vitamins, I had been on a dramatic decline, cognitively. My thinking had been getting slower and slower. My short-term memory was abysmal, to be charitable. And it was even getting to the point where I was having difficulties finding certain words while constructing sentences! I seriously thought I was developing dementia or Alzheimer’s, in my thirties!

This was extraordinarily depressing. Particularly considering that my profession is extremely thinking-intensive. I did my very best to hide my deterioration from being noticed. I discovered pink fish dpayour company about a month ago, and promptly ordered a monthly supply of Total Balance Men’s Premium, Neuro-Natural Memory, and Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil. I started noticing benefits almost immediately. A month later, I’m not only cured, but I’m actually functioning measurably better than I was prior to when the deterioration began! I can “think fast” again, my memory is back, I have a ton of energy, and I’ve never felt better in my entire life!

Here’s the kicker: I used to be on Lisdexamfetamine, a prescription drug for ADD. I would never have anticipated this in a million years, but the Xtend-Life supplements actually out-perform the prescription drug. I don’t need the Lisdexamfetamine anymore! The Xtend-Life supplements allow me to get into a clear state of sustained focus and I’m not distractible. I could never adequately express my appreciation for you giving me my life back. Thank you so very much.
Jared, USA

Any Customer Complaints Regarding These Vitamins for Memory?

No review of Neuro-Natural Recall would be complete without reporting negatives. One complaint with Xtend-Life’s products is that they’re too expensive.

In essence, Xtend-Life says that their products are pharmaceutical grade quality, that they meet strict GMP standards and that their product(s) are legitimate alternatives that give real world health benefits without riddling one with side effects. They also counter the “too expensive” charge that they cut out any middleman by selling directly to the customer. It’s one of the reasons why they say they can keep their costs down and pass them down to the consumer.

Lastly, be advised that some of the ingredients in Neuro-Natural Recall are derived from soy.

If you are allergic to soy, you should with your doctor first before supplementing with it. For the record, Xtend-Life says that their Neuro-Natural Recall doesn’t contain any gluten-, dairy-, peanut- or shellfish-derived byproducts.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life Neuro-Natural RecallAs of July 12th, 2024, you can buy it directly from here. In conclusion, these vitamins for memory are carefully made and appear to be of very high quality. However…I don’t recommend this product or its manufacturer, Xtend-Life. Why? The company is dishonest in its business practices and that should concern any consumer.

I hope this review of the Neuro-Natural Recall product has been helpful to you.

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