Review of Xtend-Life Bone-Support

Is Xtend-Life's Bone-Support product the best joint supplement product on the market today?

Rating: 1 (out of 5)

UPDATED: May 30th, 2024. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company.

Is the Xtend-Life Bone Support product the best joint supplement on the market today May 30th, 2024? To that end, I researched and wrote this product review to help in your selection process.

Quickly, for clarity, the Xtend-Life Bone-Support product used to be called “Bone-Protec” but has been changed. Everything else in the product is the same, but the name has been changed. That’s all. Due to some legal wranglings, the Xtend-Life company changed it.

So, let’s get on with our review of this “best joint supplement” product.

If you are getting older and suffer perhaps from osteoporosis; if you are concerned with bone density, this product may be for you. Plus, if you are worried and feel you need to minimize effect of broken bones from your past, this bone joint supplement may help you.

Moreover, if you need a good joint supplement to support and supplement your bone health, this product is designed for you by Xtend-Life, a New Zealand joint supplement

The Xtend Life supplement company says that their Bone-Support supplement product is made with exacting and carefully chosen (and clinically verified) pharmaceutical-grade sanctioned raw materials. The company says they have scientifically designed this product (and all their products) to biochemically fit together. Furthermore, Xtend-Life says that they’ve performed in-house tests that show a whopping 80 percent of tablets e assimilated.

The 80 percent figure is astonishing if true. Most supplements are made from inferior materials and are quickly eliminated from the body via a dark, rich colored urine. Or, through sweat.

This 80% figure means simply put there will be a substantial increase in bone mass density and that there will be improved calcium absorption in the blood. Thus, Xtend-Life contends the end result of the supplement significantly reduce the risk of breaking bones as well as osteoporosis itself, and provide better joint health, as well as bolstering or putting off arthritis pains.

With the regular usage of supplement, bone strength will be improved along with a diminished risk further bone and cartilage damage.

Another key point about Xtend-Life Bone-Protec is that it may be of real value to athletes, both amateurs and professionals, as well as those who are 55+ who generally have an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Features of Bone-Support That Might Make It The Best Joint Supplement

cGMP Logo ComplianceOne of the things that makes this product so stellar, it seems, is its pharmaceutical-grade quality. Many supplement companies add fillers. They do this as the core nutrient density is lacking so they add unnecessary fillers. Xtend-Life strongly asserts that they don’t do that.

In addition, Xtend-Life says they have all their products’ various ingredients tested by independent laboratories for purity with these tests being conducted by independent labs. Xtend-Life says they do this with all their products in fact, and is a standard operating procedure.

Perhaps most importantly, the company says they make all products in what are called “cGMP-compliant” facilities. GMP or cGMP are interchangeable terms meaning “current good manufacturing practices.” This is a real mark of distinction. Due to a 2010 government mandate, NSF for Sport GMP certification is becoming more and more prevalent. However, this is a superior standard as pharmaceutical grade is better. Plus, Xtend-Life is in New Zealand and their supplement makers are overseen by their government’s Ministry of Health.

The vast majority of supplement companies still won’t do even the NSF for Sport GMP compliance as it’s too expensive.

Such product purity is highly desirable and a prime indicator of product purity and quality.

Moreover, Xtend-Life, also produces what’s called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). It’s stamped on each bottle of the given supplement. It’s tangible validation that the potency of each batch of raw nutrients is confirmed.

In their literature, Xtend Life says they constructed their own manufacturing facility in order to control the manufacturing processes according to the highest GMP standards possible.

Xtend-Life Bone-Support product meets all of the aforementioned criteria. It is a pharmaceutical grade supplement with a clinically tested 80% assimilation rate

Consumer Reviews: Is It The Best Joint Supplement?

Here are a few testimonials regarding Bone-Support taken from the official Xtend-Life website:

My friend who is on Bone-Protec [now called Bone-Support] has just been to have a dexa scan done and the doctor told her “keep doing what you are doing, your bones have improved. So that’s great news. I’m next just need to make the appointment. Thanks to you and Warren et al, for helping to keep us healthy.
Joni, USA

I really like your Total Balance and fish oil supplement products. This product is not as desired, I suppose, like the way a multivitamin is but it’s something need as I am concerned about arthritis and joint health as I am very active fitness wise. Thank you for this great product.
Anthony B. USA

You can read more reviews at their site here.

What’s the Price?

As of today, one bottle sells for $29.50 USD. This is essentially a month’s supply essentially. Each bottle has 90 capsules.

enteric coated pillsWhile the label has typical product information, there are a few noteworthy elements including the batch number, the manufactured or creation date, and the use-by-date section.

Product Guarantee?

Yes. Xtend-Life has a one-year guarantee. This is not common with the supplement industry. Usually, a six-month guarantee is considered spectacular. This company offers an additional six months. That’s a good sign. However, the company is dishonest in their business practices so the fulfillment of this guarantee is dubious.

Are There Any Customer Complaints of This “Best Joint Supplement”?

No review of Bone-Protec would be honest or rigorous without discussing the product in depth and that includes its weaknesses. Basically, customer complaints revolve around its price.

Xtend-Life politely counters by emphasizing that their products meet the pharmaceutical-grade specifications and that the old axiom of “you get what you pay for” is true.

Another counterpoint Xtend-Life makes is that they buy only the most pristine raw product ingredients. For example, they give one example where they say they only pharmaceutical-grade 98% pure natural crystalline Beta Carotene for their various supplement formula products. (You can read about that here.)

They also have all of their herbal extracts tested by an independent laboratory for cleanliness and purity. One lab they use regularly is Alkemists Laboratories for this.

Is This The Best Joint Supplement? If So, Where Can I Get More Info on It?

You can learn more about Bone-Support here. There, you will find an abundance of information regarding the nuances of the product.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend Life Bone Support BottleXtend-Life sells their products direct via their website. You can buy it here. However, I don’t recommend this product, its company, or its other products due to their dishonest business practices.

I hope this review has been helpful to you as to whether or not this product is right for you. Whether or not this is the best joint supplement is for you to decide.

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