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Are there any good pre-workout AND weight loss bodybuilding supplements? BPI says their BPI B4 product does just that. Is it true?

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the BPI B4 pre-workout and weight loss supplement product. The BPI Sports B4 product is a “fat burner diet supplement” that facilitates weight loss. It is designed for bodybuilding enthusiasts who want to accelerate fat elimination while enhancing training results.

In their marketing copy, BPI says, “A monumental, hardcore pre-workout supplement that is formulated to help enhance performance, training, and help you to lose weight – FAST!”

Let’s now get into this offering by BPI and their B4 supplement.

BPI B4 Product Features & Benefits

Each bottle of BPI B4 comes with 30 capsules and is produced by Hollywood, Florida-based BPI Sports. This is essentially a month’s supply as they recommend taking just one capsule before a workout and one on non-workout days.

BPI is not as well known as other muscle building supplement makers but they have a good, core following of enthusiasts.

They offer a full range of specialty health supplements including pre-, post-, inter-workout, and weight loss supplements. Their product line is designed to be for the serious bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

Their BPI B4 product is, as mentioned, a diet or fat loss supplement, but it also qualifies as a pre-workout supplement as well. Its nutritional profile supports that.

Here’s its ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Niacin
  • Dendrobium
  • Sword bean
  • Psoralea
  • Japanese sophora
  • Red wine concentrate
  • Yohimbe bark

The remaining ingredients are fillers essentially. As you can see, the ingredient list is highly skewed toward a “spike” in energy for sustained focus during a workout. Caffeine is the number one ingredient in this product so be aware of that. If you have a problem with caffeine, for personal or dietary reasons, this might be a product you want to avoid.

Another noticeable ingredient is the Yohimbe bark. This is a fat loss supplement. The Yohimbe bark is a stimulant and can increase and lower blood pressure.

Dendrobium is a genus of orchids with 69 classifications or subspecies in it so I’m not sure which one they are referring to here.

Sword bean is a plant in the legume family. Its fruit is eaten in Asia and Africa. Not much is known about its nutritional value, but in Japan they consider it a panacea. In Japan, it’s respected as an anti-bad breath agent and thus is in Japanese toothpaste. Moreover, they also believe that it helps prevent pneumonia, strengthens the human immune system and reduces diabetes risk. Much research still needs to be done on it.

Psoralea is a genus in the legume family with almost all of its species being poisonous. BPI doesn’t give details as to what are the benefits of this legume. It is an herb also to help strengthen or tonify the kidney and spleen. Also, its main uses include ED (erectile dysfunction), nocturnal emission, frequent micturition, enuresis, deficiency of kidney qi failing to control respiring qi, non-stop dyspnea of deficiency type, asthenia of both the spleen and kidney, chronic diarrhea, vitiligo, alopecia areata or hair loss, and psoriasis.”

Japanese sophora. It is native to Asia and is known to help stop bleeding and to lower blood pressure.

The thing that is notable about this product is that it is made from ingredients that are not that common. That could be a bad as well as a good thing. However, medicinal herbology is still considered to be a “medieval” science even though its success rate is much higher at healing and curing people than traditional allopathic medicine.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for BPI B4?

The range of the BPI B4 sales price goes from $18.74 to $55.36 (yes that much). The average is about $25 on Amazon here.

Does BPI B4 Have a Guarantee?

Like almost all sports nutrition companies, BPI defers to the ecommerce or brick-and-mortar retailer’s product guarantee policies, unless you buy from them directly. If you do, here is their policy, “BPI Sports will accept returns of merchandise purchased directly from BPI Sports (online or phone) only when item(s) are unopened and in the original packaging.”guarantee2

All items must be received by BPI SPORTS within 30 days of purchase in order to qualify for a refund.

One of the reasons why I recommend Amazon is because they have such outstanding customer service and an excellent guarantee. You can read it here, if desired.

Consumer Reviews

On Amazon, this BPI B4 product scored a 3.1 out of a possible 5 with 46 customer reviewers. At another site, it scored an 8.5 out of a possible 10.00 with 139 reviewers. With Amazon, 3 is good, but 4 is very good. On the other site, anything 8.5 or over is very good.

One thing I’ve noticed about this product’s testimonials or reviews is that there’s really no moderation of belief about it. Users really sing its praises or really criticize it. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. That said, here are some reviews that are a sampling:

Waste of Money
By Svetlana on February 21, 2013
GNC website rates this product at a 4 1/2 stars with 5 reviews. In all honesty, this stuff is terrible. I took it for a whole month while working out and it did absolutely nothing for me, aside from a few pounds which I would have lost anyways with diet and working out. I understand that it is a supplement and not a miracle, but come on! The only thing it is good for is energy but a cup of coffee in the morning will have a similar effect. In addition to that, instead of suppressing appetite, it made me real hungry about an hour after I took the pill.

Not Bad
By Leslie A on July 5, 2013
I originally bought this product from GNC and really enjoyed it so I bought some more off of male bodybuilderamazon. I haven’t started on the ones from amazon yet but I can say that it has worked for me. I take it 30 mins before working out in the mornings and in the mornings that I don’t work out. I usually eat something small like a 90 calorie bar or something. I do warn you that the product does contain a good amount of niacin that causes facial flushing but I found that if I eat a little something with it it doesn’t happen. I don’t feel jittery throughout the day or nauseous or anything like that. I do think that all products work differently depending on your own anatomy but for me, it has been a good addition to my work out.

Very  Nice Product!
By P. Shea on March 10, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase
Tried a lot of this type of product. B4 is by the the best pre-workout product I’ve tried. Lost 3lbs body fat the first week. Exercise and diet are a must for any of this type of product to work. Smooth energy for the whole day, too. No cracked out jitters. Very good product.


  • The product has great reviews
  • BPI Sports is a very popular sports nutrition supplement company with their products selling very well not just domestically but globally
  • Many tout the efficacy of the product
  • The product is not that expensive
  • The product is very complementary when combined with other supplements


  • BPI Sports does not manufacture their products in NSF GMP for Sport registered facilities
  • The product is very one-dimensional

Where Can I Buy BPI B4?

BPI B4 SupplementYou can buy BPI B4 here, but you are free to choose. Overall, this is a good product, but not the best. It is helpful to any weight loss regime but again seems to be designed for serious fitness enthusiasts.

To read more pre-workout supplement reviews, go here within this site. I hope this review of the BPI B4 product has been useful to you.

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