Review of Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator

All natural sex vitamins or supplements as well as prostate supplements have never been more popular. This is a review of the Xtend-Life version.

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UPDATED: December 21st, 2023. Due to Dishonest Business Practices, I No Longer Recommend Xtend-Life’s Products or The Company. Better supplement – and honest – nutritional product vendors are NOW Foods,, and

Welcome to this review of the Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator product. “Sex vitamins” have never been more popular nor have prostate supplements for men. In this review, I will discuss the all-natural libido and prostate supplement offered by Xtend-Life in New Zealand. The product is called Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator and is a key to the testosterone supplements review pages found in this category.

Most men are concerned about prostate health (myself included) as well as maintaining my health in every way. Perhaps you feel the same.

The male sex drive and prostate health are vital to every male. This product as produced by Xtend-Life in New Zealand is carefully crafted after fairly significant clinical testing, which testing has, of course, been conducted in their own lab and by their own scientists.

To be short, this particular product was constructed just for men to invigorate the male sex drive and to strengthen the prostate gland. Moreover, the company says at their website that they deliberately “focused on BPH [benign prostatic hyperplasia] and to give general overall protection to the prostate and other organs.”(It’s also sometimes known or written as as benign prostatic hypertrophy. From this point on, I’ll just call it BPH for short.)

orange pillsXtend-Life says that an astonishing 232,000 of were diagnosed with BPH and prostate cancer in 2012 alone.

They also contend that approximately 20-25% of men in America each year suffer a loss of their libido or sex drive. (I don’t have figures for other parts of the wold.) The diminishing of the libido and the risk of prostate health is more pronounced than ever.

The truth is that the older men become statistically probably to contract BPH and/or prostate cancer.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a blessing in many ways to mankind but they have proven to not be a panacea.  According to GlaxoSmithKlein, traditional western medicine success rates for healing or resolving prostate health issues hover around 20-30%. Indeed, pharmaceutical drugs are almost always riddled with side effects some of which are very severe. That’s a dismal figure or number.

As an example, consider the drug flomax. According to their own website, the side effects of Flomax include but are not limited to are back pain, high susceptibility to infections, blurred vision, decreased libido, stuffy nose (not a serious one obviously), vertigo, abnormal ejaculation, diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, general body pain and nausea.

As a counter point, New Zealand based Xtend-Life says their Male Rejuvenator product is side effect free. Of course, as it’s their product, they say it works very well, too.

What’s the truth here and what is not?

Quality Male Rejuvenator for Sex Vitamins and Prostate Supplements?

The supplement is also made in cGMP-compliant facilities that are actually owned by Xtend-Life itself in New Zealand. You may have heard of GMP for Sport by the NSF. That certification is good but this cGMP compliance is superior as it’s pharmaceutical quality. The end propic_3d_blenderduct is a supplement that is in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical drug standards, according to Xtend-Life.

All of the company’s products, including Male Rejuvenator are certified and created with independently pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which raw ingredients are then certified in what are called “cGMP-compliant laboratories”  from such laboratories like the Alkemists Laboratories company. GMP means “good manufacturiing practices” and is sometimes represented as “cGMP” with the “c” meaning “current.”

Once the ingredients are certified as pure, the final step is that the ingredients are mixed with pharmaceutical blending machines. This is a departure from traditional supplement companies who use what are called paddle/ribbon, blender-type mixers.

As with all their supplement products, Xtend-Life also puts a called a “Certificate of Analysis” (COA). This  COA is created to confirm the potency of each batch of the bottled supplement’s ingredients.

Male Rejuvenator Ingredients

The average cost for a new drug to come to market, and to be certified by the FDA is an astonishing $200 million. Xtend-Life has been able to achieve that level of quality. And they’ve done it at a fraction of the cost without their Male Rejuvenator prostate supplement being riddled with side effects as is so often the case with pharmaceutical drugs.

Customer Testimonials of Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator

Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator is a prostate supplement that also increased the male libido. It is a new product that the company has introduced to the market yet it’s been received with good market acceptance. Here are a few reviews:

…Having tried your cholesterol-lowering supplement, through your consult and generosity I switched to Total Balance Men’s Premium. My cholesterol numbers significantly improved after 1 month.

Also, I am in my early 40s and my wife is 29. I had been feeling the “effects” of my age and job stress, which basically equated me to a 4 cylinder engine in the “love” department, even though fishI’m in good physical condition. I tried your recommended “protocol” with Total Balance Men’s Plus and Male Rejuvenator – 6 tablets a day of each for a month, plus your Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil.

The word “Wow” cannot come close to describing what happened. I gained two cylinders a week! By week 4, I was a 12-cylinder powerhouse! Ford Escort to Ford GT 500 HP race car… My wife couldn’t believe the power, endurance and stamina….Men, look no further, and throw that Viagra away!! Talk about rejuvenation…wow, it’s called ‘the Xtend-Life Protocol’!”
Bill, USA

Four years ago at the age of 39, I had a PSA test and the results came back with a reading of 4.3. I never saw the results until a year ago and at that time, contacted a urologist to have a new PSA done. The result of that PSA was a reading of 6.3. At that time, the doctor decided to do a Biopsy, which came back normal. The Urologist directed me to have a follow up PSA test every 6 months.

At that point, I decided to be my own test subject and add the Male Rejuvenator to my daily regime of Total Balance and Omega-3. The 6 month follow-up PSA test showed a drop back to 4.5, still double what it should be for a 43 year old but heading in the right direction.

I just had another 6 month PSA follow-up test and the results were 2.56! I haven’t changed anything in my health regime other than the addition of the Male Rejuvenator product. I give this product full credit for the results. Thanks to all involved in this product.
Dave, Australia

Do These Prostate Supplements Possess a Product Guarantee?

The company offers a full one-year or 365-day unconditional product satisfaction guarantee. If you test it within that timeframe, the company believes you will see a difference in your health. You don’t make this kind of guarantee unless you are really sure as to the effectiveness of your product line.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Prostate Supplements?

The Male Rejuvenator product goes for $31.75 per bottle. That is a month’s worth, essentially. But I don’t recommend you buy this product. The company is dishonest in their business practices.

Are There Customer Complaints Regarding Male Rejuvenator?

On the Internet, negativity tends to travel very well and quickly so the any negative experiences with the product don’t seem to be common at all. The product is very well received in the marketplace and its customers seem happy.

If there are complaints they tend to focus on the Xtend-Life’s price point.

Xtend-Life says their products are made in the manufacturing facilities that are strict meet rigid GMP standards from sourcing to product encapsulation. They assert that quality comes with a higher price.

Xtend-Life says as they have a worldwide market universe and have no middleman selling directly to the consumer. Those are a couple of reasons they give to help keep costs down.

Another point Xtend-Life makes is that they buy only clinically tested raw ingredients that are tested for purity and contamination. As an example, they say they utilize only pharmaceutical-grade 98% pure natural crystalline Beta Carotene for their various formulas.

They actually use independent laboratories to confirm their own findings with one of those labs being Alkemists Laboratories in southern California, USA.

Buy Here

Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator BottleYou can buy it here. It is a fine, quality product worthy of your consideration. It has a lot going for it: made in cGMP-compliant facilities, rigorous quality control standards and most importantly it appears to work.

However…I don’t recommend you buy this company’s products. The company engages in dishonest business practices, hence this recommendation.

I hope this Xtend-Life’s Male Rejuvenator sex vitamins and prostate supplement product review has been helpful.

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