Review of MuscleTech Phase 8

Is this MuscleTech Phase 8 the best whey protein powder on the market? How is it different? Is it among the best muscle building supplements? This review will cover all aspects of the product so you can make an informed decision.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Welcome to this review of the MuscleTech Phase 8 whey protein muscle building supplement. As you know, there are a plethora of whey protein supplements on the market today. Over the past year, I’ve been reviewing the major products on the market from the following vendors, MusclePharm, Gaspari Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, EAS, and others. And it is an ever-growing list.

Determining the best whey protein powder on the market is difficult for all vendors virtually are saying their product is the best. It is certainly not like it used to be in the early 80’s either. When I started weight training, there were only a few protein powders on the market and they were just as oversold then as they are now.

However, there is a difference now — many products on the market today are really quality products that actually produce results.2 Pound

To that end, I set upon a project study to determine the best muscle building supplements on the market today. The MuscleTech Phase 8 product is one of those I’ve reviewed.

(If interested, you can scan the growing list of reviews on this website here.)

So, without further adieu, let’s now get into this offering by Muscle Tech and their Phase 8 protein supplement product.

Product Features of MuscleTech Phase 8

The MuscleTech protein powder is made from six different proteins, but milk whey protein elements form the core of the product. It is made from six protein sources, but they are all milk and soy based. Those ingredients are milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, and whey protein isolate.

MuscleTech markets it as a protein that gives a sustained release of eight hours. This makes sense as one of the proteins it’s made from is micellar casein, which is a slow-digesting milk protein derivative. In fact, most bodybuilding supplement companies offer a separate casein protein product just for that purpose.

Each scoop of the protein powder contains 26 grams and is a goodly amount for fitness enthusiasts to synthesize new muscle and/or to repair damaged tissue due to exercise.

It also has, according to MuscleTech, half the fat and the carbohydrates. That is a good selling point for most and is something MuscleTech emphasizes in their sales copy among other things.

MuscleTech Phase 8 comes in three flavors, strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, cookies & cream, and vanilla. What about taste? The Phase 8 product has mostly positive reviews for its taste. Only a small minority few dislike the taste.

The product also comes in 2 pound, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 pound canister product options. This is a bit peculiar as most offer straight 2 pound, 5 pound and 10 pound product offerings.

Chocolate Whey Protein PowderOne thing that is a mark of distinction for most supplement companies is GMP or cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facilities. This ensures strict quality control of raw material analysis and testing, manufacturing practices and cleanliness of facilities. While there is no mention of it on their website, Muscle Tech has an FDA registered lab with cGMP certification. If a company has NSF sports supplement GMP compliance, they usually tout it as a quality-control standard, but for some reason Muscle Tech does not. They do tout the world-class nature of their facilities but they do not expand on it.

They should for consumers are becoming more and more educated and are looking for quality products more than ever.

It also should be noted that the product has milk and soy derivatives and that their products are made in facilities that processes milk, egg, wheat and shellfish derivatives. So, if you have an allergy to anyone of those products, you should talk to your doctor before using it.

How Much is MuscleTech Phase 8?

On, as of today, October 3rd, 2019, $41.85 + $7.99 shipping & handling to $54.99 with free shipping.

Does MuscleTech Have a Product Guarantee?

Muscle Tech inexplicably does not offer a guarantee on their supplements, they will, of course, accede to the vendor or retail outlet where you bought the product. I have inquired of them regarding their guarantee and as of yet have not received a supply. One of the reasons why I recommend Amazon is due to their great guarantee and customer service. They’ve won the ForeSee customer service award for nine years running. For more detail on Amazon’s guarantee, go here for more information.

Consumer Testimonials

On one website online, there are over 1,934 reviews of the Muscle Tech Phase 8 product with a ranking of 9.2 out of 10. On, there are 45 reviews just with the vendor I recommend with an average of 4.6 out of a possible 5.0. Clearly, the product is well regarded by the consumer. Here are a few customer testimonials for the Muscle Tech Phase 8 product.

By David Bresnahan
Flavor Name: Strawberry
Size Name: 4.4 Pound Amazon Verified Purchase
I can honestly say this is THE VERY BEST tasting protein I’ve ever used – and i’ve used them all, cytosport complete whey, muscle milk, ON gold standard, Gaspari Myofusion, locals and generics. this stuff blows the competition out of the water. I’ll break it down for ya here on the strawberry flavor which i like best between that and chocolate and PB chocolate..

Taste: 10/10 – can i give this stuff a better rating? im honestly astonished how well this one is put together! I’d compare this strawberry flavor to crunch berries maybe?? haha its been years since ive had those but thats what it reminds me of. YUM!!

Mixability: 10/10 – too good to be true right? this stuff mixes perfectly with milk or water, not gritty or clumpy. just a bit of foam at the top which indicates quality whey isolate.NSF GMP Compliance

Nutrition: 10/10 – I almost want to give a lower rating in fear that I sound like a shill. But this stuff really does have it all. Mid range calories (its not a bulker fellas). 26 grams protein per scoop, 7 grams carbs (only one 1 gram of which is sugar) – this stuff is loaded with additional BCAAs and glutamine.

Digestion: 9/10 – This stuff does not upset the stomach in the least. some proteins leave you feeling bloated or just plain sick. this stuff has a real clean feel. i feel great after slamming a shake after a workout or just mid day to get in some extra macros. no issues like racing to a toilet in fear of something explosive hah.. a few protein farts maybe but come on.. that’s to be expected.

Price: 9/10 – we’d all like to see protein prices drop, but that’s just not a reality. everything else is going up and this stuff is not outrageously priced. 100% worth the money to me.

Overall I cannot recommend this product enough! good value, great taste and awesome profile!!

by Jack1985XI’ve tried your essential series, performance series and concentrated series products. Well, not all, but I’ve used nitro-tech, leukic, nano vapor, gakic, cell-tech, hydroxycut sx7, mass-tech, hydroxycut hardcore elite and anotest. In my quest to get bigger, I’ve used protein bars, hydroxycut sx-7, too. I’ve used myobuild and hydroxystim and musclepharm’s stuff too. I like this protein as it mixes well and it tastes good and it’s producing results. Of course, my body building workouts and the usage of nanostim and neurocore and other sports supplements help, too, but I think it’s a quality product.

Best Protein Powder!
By Fabrizio on August 29, 2013
Flavor Name: Chocolate
Size Name: 4.6 Pound Amazon Verified Purchase

I have been working out for about 5 years now, and I have used many different protein powder Protein Shakesbrands. By far MuscleTech has provided the best blend in taste and results. It gets very creamy when you blend it with milk which I love, and doesn’t give me the bloating feeling after drinking it! Will definitely buy more!

5 Stars
By Xstrom on April 3, 2013
Flavor Name: Chocolate
Size Name: 2 Pound

First off, I have a very sensitive stomach and many whey proteins have given me slight discomfort. This protein digested with ease like no other and I have never once experienced any discomfort.
Effectiveness:10/10 – Its absorption is phenomenal! I have tried many proteins and have not seen the results like im seeing now.

Taste:9/10 – Many proteins i have tried, and i have tried enough to base an opinion, have had me want to chuck the tubs out the window from how bad they tasted. This was very tolerable and actually enjoyable. I tried both the vanilla and chocolate both in water and milk, but the vanilla overall takes the cake. I give the taste an 9.

Value:9/10 – Price for the product is fairly cheap. I ordered mine off of Amazon which to me has the best offer. But to me I would prefer if they made the servings a little more extensive. But overall price is good and you get what you’ve paid for.

Overall:10/10 – This has definitely become one of my favorite supplements of all time. Its taste is enjoyable, the benefits of being hydrolyzed, its value is fairly descent, but its effectiveness is what makes me give this product, a 10/10, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants full effectiveness of their protein and is light on the stomach.

Real Milk-Chocolate Taste
By Irwin You on November 22, 2013
Flavor Name: Chocolate
Size Name: 4.6 Pound Amazon Verified Purchase

Good taste & effective to me. It’s really different from the Mass Gain powder supplied by Muscletech which you will feel the artificial taste before.

Great Protein, Acceptable Taste
By Rhett D. Sorensen on November 18, 2013
Flavor Name: Chocolate
Size Name: 4.6 Pound

Great quality, I am personally not a huge fan of the taste but it can be hidden easy enough with some banana or a scoop or some better tasting protein mixed in

Decent Flavor, Decent Texture
By Krista P. on November 4, 2013
Flavor Name: Strawberry
Size Name: 4.4 Pound

I purchased this from a different site and have to say, it’s a little bit of a struggle to get down. The flavor isn’t too bad. Maybe a little sweet, but overall, the flavor is OK. Texture wise, it’s like the old protein powders from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s almost like I dumped a tablespoon of flour in a glass of Strawberry quick. Not lumpy, but gritty. I’ve been drinking protein powders for a long time, and I have low expectations to begin with, but this one is in a different class.

I gave it 3 stars because I’m sure the actual quality of the protein is good, and I actually seem to feel satisfied longer than typical whey powders. On the other hand, I can’t wait until I’m done with this jar. I’ve only tried this with water in a mixer bottle, so maybe it’s better in a blender?

It Is an Excellent Product That Does What It Has Provided on The Page; Congrats on The Quality of The Product
By Darwin Condoy on November 2, 2013
Flavor Name: Chocolate
Size Name: 4.6 Pound Amazon Verified Purchase

It is an excellent product that does what it has provided on the page, Congratulations on the quality of the product and its features.

Great Stuff
By David J. Hauschild on October 27, 2013
Flavor Name: Vanilla
Size Name: 4.5 Pound Amazon Verified Purchase

This is really good stuff, especially when you can find the 4.6 pound tubs for $30. I prefer the vanilla because it is more flexible in terms of what you can conjure up. It is very fine in texture, which means it blends more smoothly than most protein powders. The taste is good, but giant sports vanilla shake still the king in my book.

The negatives reported on the MuscleTech Phase 8 product are that doesn’t mix well and that the taste is not satisfactory. This confirms that each has a different perspective for many have praised its taste. Nevertheless, that is probably the number one negative I came across in my research.


  • All MuscleTech products are made in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facility — a high mark of quality
  • The product is very popular and sells very well
  • MuscleTech is one of the most well respected sports nutrition supplement companies that specialize in bodybuilding supplements
  • Its taste is lauded by its users


  • There is no product guantee information MuscleTech’s website
  • It uses too many fillers
  • It uses silicon dioxide (silica or sand granules), acelsufame potassium (a sweetener that is 200x sweeter than sugar) and sucralose (Splenda)

Where Can I Buy It?

MuscleTech Phase 8You can buy it from any number of ecommerce and off-line retailers, but I recommend buying it here from today, October 3rd, 2019, but you are free to choose. That option will give you the chocolate, to buy a cookies & cream option, go here.

Why Amazon? A couple of reasons. 1) Because they have multiple vendors competing for your business and thus it has the lowest prices from around the Web that I can see. 2) Amazon has a great guarantee. 3) You will get a great selection. As mentioned, though, you are free to choose.

I hope this MuscleTech Phase 8 review has been helpful to you.

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