Review of Dymatize Elite Fusion 7

Is the Elite Fusion 7 the best whey protein Dymatize offers? Is among the best muscle building supplements on the market?

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Is the Elite Fusion 7 the best whey protein Dymatize offers? Is it the best whey protein powder on the market today? That’s what this review will hopefully answer. So, welcome to this review of the Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 product page.

Dymatize Elite is a very popular whey protein powder but the Elite Fusion 7 is also gaining its “legs.” Along with its big brother Dymatize Elite XT, it is now one of the most popular muscle recovery supplements and muscle building supplements on the market today.

Without further adieu, let’s now get into this offering by Dymatize and their Elite Fusion 7 whey protein supplement.

Whey Protein Dymatize — Elite Fusion 7 Product Features

Before we discuss the nutritional profile of Dymatize and its other product features, let’s talk about the quality-control that Dymatize makes all of its products. This is important as supplement fraud is rampant in the industry.

Not so with Dymatize, and this is one of their strongest selling features. Dymatize is a NSF Certified for Sport GMP company. Its in-house manufacturing operation has been registered under the NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, Good Manufacturing NSF GMP CompliancePractices (GMP) Program. This means not only is the protein free of contaminants but also from banned substances.

Again, that is highly desirable and an indicator of high product quality. These requirements are consistent with the published GMP regulation for dietary supplements as defined in 21 CFR § 111, which was published by the U.S. FDA in June 2007.

Dymatize also puts their products through independent laboratory testing to ensure quality and results. This is also uncommon in the supplement industry.

Let’s now talk about nutritional profile of the Elite Fusion 7 product. Elite Fusion 7 comes with:

  • 23 grams of whey protein per serving
  • 5 grams of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids
  • 190 calories per scoop with 50 of those calories coming from fat
  • 5 grams of fiber for digestion
  • 30% of the recommended daily amount for calcium, a critical mineral precursor
  • Pharmaceutical grade ajipure glutamine and BCAAs

The protein powder is made from seven protein elements including, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin.

The reason why this is important to mention is because all the different proteins allow or slow and continual digestion of the protein throughout the day. Thus, this is a pre-, inter-, and whey protein dymatizepost-workout muscle building supplement. Dymatize thought this was noteworthy so put it into the products name, hence the “7” in Elite Fusion 7.

How about its taste? One of the things Dymatize is well known for is its tasty protein powders. The Elite Fusion 7 is no exception.

There are also multiple flavor options Dymatize offers with the Elite Fusion 7 including banana smoothie, capuccino rush, chocolate peanut butter, cookies & cream, creamy vanilla, orange dreamsicle (this is a new option), rich chocolate (their most popular), strawberry banana, and strawberry. (The Elite Whey Protein Gourmet Vanilla is very popular.)

It can be difficult to find all of the flavors at any given time, though. How about size options? Dymatize offers 2 and 4 pound size options. However, you may find some 5 pound options still out there but Dymatize has discontinued the selling of the 5 pound options.

Whey Protein Dymatize Prices

The prices fluctuate depending on the vendor you are considering. Generally speaking, Amazon has the best prices.

Depending on the vendor, you might only be able to find 2 or 4 at one and only 5 at another, from my experience. That said, here are the price ranges for each offering:

  • 2 pound — $32.00 to $66.68
  • 4 pound — $44.06 to $73.32
  • 5 pound — $59.99 to $114.92

Whey Protein Dymatize Guarantee?

Dymatize, like most supplement manufacturers, usually defers to the ecommerce or brick-and-mortar establishment that sold it to you.

If you buy from Amazon, which has rigorous IT security protocols in place not to mention $37 billion in sales yearly, they offer a superb guarantee that you can read about here. Their guarantee is one of the reasons why I recommend buying from them.

Consumer Reviews

Marketing materials can be very partisan and accentuate only the positive about a product. That’s why I think it’s important to read what real customers say and think about a product. Below are a few testimonials I found on Amazon about the whey protein Dymatize calls Elite Fusion 7.

Great Protein Blend! Awesome Taste and Easy to Blend and Shake!!
By L. Jones on July 20, 2011
Flavor Name: Rich Chocolate
Size Name: 5.15

This is my 3rd tub of Fusion 7 – cookies and cream. My first 2 were of the 2.91 lbs. tub from a local store (planet nutrition) and when they stopped getting the product in stock, I ordered the 5.15lbs tub one week ago today from Same Day Supplements (via Amazon).I only have mixed this product with Almond Breeze Almond milk. 5 oz. of milk with 1 scoop of powder and 10 oz. of milk with 2 scoops with ice.
I have an older blender and it has no problems whatsoever in blending it up very well! Even with my recent order, I received a free shaker bottle and it’s still easy to get it all mixed up.This is one of the best tasting protein powder shakes I have ever tasted. I had been using some pretty good ones, like GNC Lean Muscle Meal – Vanilla and Strawberry flavors, Syntha-6 cookies and cream and Oh Yeah! – Vanilla cream. This is by far IMO the best tasting out of them all! It is easily digested and doesn’t cause bloating or the feeling of being “gasy.” I have taken this right after my workouts, mostly early in the mornings and a few times have taken a 1 scooper with 5oz. of almond milk about 45mins – 1hr. before bed. You’ve got to love the vitamins and nutrients profile that Dymatize has packed with this product.
My body feels great about 45mins or so after a hard cardio or muscle-building workout..building back up and healing very quickly after having been broken down. I cannot get enough of it. If you have a hard time blending this or even shaking this product up to mix it well, then something’s wrong. I highly recommend the product….just trying to figure out which flavor will be next to try!
Great Meal Replacement
By BT on December 5, 2012
 Great meal replacement protein. The blend of fast and slow absorbing proteins does a good job of keeping me full (this is my breakfast and sometimes an afternoon snack). I’m not looking to bulk up, but to slim down and for the past few years I have not really been eating breakfast – so this solves my “I am in a rush to get out the door but I should have something substantial to get my metabolism started” dilemma. Plenty of vitamins and fiber is also a bonus! I am not an expert by any means, but I definitely recommend this.
Just finished my first tub, going to pick up another this afternoon.Favorite breakfast so far: brew a batch of iced coffee at the start of the week, using Whey Proteinskim milk and Truvia for cream/sugar. Mix in blender with a few ice cubes and Elite Fusion 7 (started with vanilla, going to go either chocolate or mocha next), drink. Can also use a shaker if not in the mood for a “shake.” Delicious. Don’t be afraid to make the coffee strong (1.5:1 ratio is what I use – so for 10 cups of coffee I use 15 scoops to accommodate for melting ice and ice in the blender).

Are there any customer complaints? To be quite honest, not really. One common complaint, and this is not uncommon no matter what whey protein you buy, was some customers didn’t like the taste. Yet, others do so that is the quagmire.

This is a very popular product. On one popular bodybuilding site, it scores a 9.2 out of a possible 10.  On Amazon, it scores a 4.4 out of 5 with 31 reviews as of this writing.

To read more reviews, go here.

Where Can I Buy It?

dymatize proteinYou can buy the rich chocolate here; you can buy the cookies & cream, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, banana smoothie, mochaccino rush, here. You can buy the strawberry cream here. but you are free to choose.

If the Elite Fusion 7 is not the best whey protein Dymatize offers it is certainly among the best.

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