Review of Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals VSL 3

What is the best probiotic supplement on the market? Is the VSL 3 the best? Read this review to find out.

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Welcome to this review of the Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals VSL 3 probiotic supplement. Is this product among the best probiotic supplements? Does it work? What is in it? These are some of the questions that this review will hopefully cover.

Without any further adieu, let’s now get into this review and offering by Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals and their VSL 3 probiotic supplement product.

VSL 3 Product Features & Benefits

VSL 3, or VSL#3 as it’s referred to as well, is a probiotic supplement. It is very popular. One of the most important elements of supplements today is purity. Supplement fraud is rampant and people have a right to be skeptical of various claims made by some companies (see article here).

One of the distinguishing factors of the VSL 3 product is that it is made by a pharmaceutical sigma-tau pharmaceuticalscompany. Now, that doesn’t automatically mean that it is a great product. “Big Pharma” as its detractors call it is notorious for producing products that are very damaging and even ineffective.

For example, pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac and Zoloft have grown in popularity, but they are rife with side effects and this is typical of most pharmaceutical drugs.

With Prozac alone, over 44,000 adverse reports have been filed with the FDA, One report says, “Out of those reports, there are about 2,500 deaths with the large majority of them linked to suicide or violence. The suicide statistics relating to women [taking Prozac] are shocking.”

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has been sued for Prozac-related deaths in many state and federal courts.) It is because of incidents like this that many look for more natural means and account for the increased popularity of medicinal herbs.

So, no, just because a pharmaceutical company makes a product is no guarantee of effectiveness. Still, with this VSL 3 product, it appears to be one of those exceptions given the praiseworthy testimonials given.

That aside, Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals produces all of their products in cGMP-compliant facilities (“cGMP” means “current good manufacturing practices”). Pharmaceutical GMP compliance is the highest standard possible and is a guarantee as to the pristine nature and crafting of the product sold.

This is noteworthy as many supplement companies don’t meet this standard, although many are seeking it now — especially sports nutrition and general supplement companies like Optimum Nutrition or Xtend-Life.

blueberry-bowlSo, to conclude this point, the VSL 3 product is pharmaceutical grade and in this case that is a very good thing.

Let’s now talk more about the specifics regarding this VSL 3 probiotic supplement product.

  • The product can be without refrigeration for up to 1 week without adversely affecting the potency of the bacteria
  • VSL#3 is supplied in a bottle containing 60 capsules
  • Several published studies have showed that daily ingestion of VSL 3 can aid in the dietary management of ulcerative colitis
  • It contains 8 different strains of beneficial bacteria that were specially selected to produce an optimal composition of beneficial bacteria
  • It is a high potency probiotic with the highest available concentration of beneficial live bacteria

It should be noted that VSL 3 is classified as a “medical food” and Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals cautions, “In the USA, all formulations of VSL#3 are medical foods and must be used under medical supervision. Therefore, please make sure that if you are considering VSL#3 you talk to your healthcare professional.”

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